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Nov 12, 2007 12:17 PM

Good restaurants at Warden & Eglington?

Your recommendation for good restaurants (formal/informal, expensive/inexpensive, etc.) at Warden & Eglington please. A friend is asking about it. Many thanks!

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  1. Krispy Rolls, just south of Eg at Warden. Yummy Pho, decent food. I love that place :) Failing that, if you want to drive a little further, I also like the Grover Pub and Grub, just east of Main on Kingston Rd.

    1. Bajan Cafe, 133 Manville Road, Caribbean influenced cuisine. Prices are great, food is very tasty not much for decor, but they have daily specials that are worth while.

      1. There aren't too many hidden gems in that area, however, you may want to give the Bavarian Meat Market a try. They offer cafeteria style food. The only meal I really recommend there is their potato pancakes with applesauce served on Wednesdays. Other than that, there is a Pho restaraunt on the corner if you are into meal style soups...

        1. There's a Tucker Marketplace, one of a chain, right at the north-west corner of the intersection of Warden and Eglinton, with a drive-in entrance just a little north of the intersection at 880 Warden. Buffet style, caters to individuals and large groups, food not bad at all, quite reasonablly priced, and tons of parking. And I heartily second the motion for Krispy Rolls.

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            I'm not sure that Tuckers would EVER consitute as a good restaurant.....
            Try the Armenian Kitchen Vic Park & Eglington a not so well hidden gem among foodies, but looks a little rough on the outside.
            Check this thread

          2. If your friend is looking for a quick lunch spot, 7Star Thai is passable. Far less greasy than Krispy Roll, though I do enjoy KR's soups. You have to be certain in both of these places to let them know your tastes. Otherwise you'll end up with dulled- and dumbed-down versions of everything. They are more capable than the neighbourhood makes them be.

            Not an endorsement of NOW food critics:

            A short sprint away if you have a car is Zen Japanese. Exceptional sushi and a pretty room. They have extremely quick lunch service. I, personally, have made it from W&E to Zen and back in an hour. Go in the evening to truly enjoy their wares.

            And a 2nd vote for Armenian Kitchen.

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            1. re: Googs

              Starving at Eg and Warden tonight before a movie, we tried Krispy Roll. I remembered the name, but not your post. Perhaps that's too bad for us, because we didn't want Vietnamese style Canadian food and we won't be going back.

              This is a very nice place, light years above the Gerrard strip restos in our neighbourhood. (The bathrooms, though, were more like Spadina.) The menu sounded interesting and the service was great. But the food - ah yes, the food. Ingredient quality was high, but flavour was almost absent. Unusually for Vietnamese food, everything needed lots of added salt (not provided on tables).

              Krispy shrimp rolls were decent shrimp in a nice light fried coating (rice paper?), but they contained no seasoning.

              Beef wrapped in scented leaves disappointed big time. We were expecting strips of BBQ steak-type meat and were surprised by the small beef sausages that arrived. Apparently made to order, they resembled dolmades. While edible with their mint leaf and pickled veg garnish, they didn't excite at all. Both the menu and the server "warned" us that the dish contained anchovies, but we didn't taste anchovy in any form (including as fish sauce) or much of anything else at all. The wrappers were served on individual plates, which was a nice touch, but the vermicelli was a gluey mess. The peanut dipping sauce was insipid.

              Spicy Malaysian shrimp was anything but. Think Canadian Chinese fried rice with adequate small shrimp and frozen mixed veg. The dish contained some very tasty cashews. But spicy? Malaysian? The only flavourings were the salt and sweet chili oil we added at the table.

              The chicken wings, ordered as a quick appetizer, arrived last. Large, juicy wings in a perfectly fried, crispy coating, but with no marinade or other seasoning.

              I've complained about getting "white guy food" at Chinese restaurants, but Vietnamese has typically been better. That is, until Krispy Roll. Perhaps the factory/retail worker lunch crowd complains that the food is too weird, or too hot. So give fair warning on the menu and offer to season to taste. But please don't serve me totally dumbed down food. Even Watt's at Eglinton Square seasons food more forcefully than this. We're not talking subtle here, this was major league bland.

              Mango and coconut shakes were quite good. We didn't have pho.