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Nov 12, 2007 12:14 PM

Soup Delivery- KC area

We have soup delivered right to the front door once a week. And so far its been a great find. Is there any other businesses in the KC area that are making artisan/gourmet foods in the area that deliver? I'm not talking pizza places or anything like that - I'm looking for the different special kinds of foods.

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  1. What places delivers soup? Please provide us more details!

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      1. re: jdl98

        I had posted about Happy Soup Eater a while back: They're opening (have already opened?) a store front too.

      2. re: pollymerase

        A while back I heard of a place in the Brookside area that delivered soup. Don't know if it's still around and, sorry, don't remember the name.

          1. re: jdl98

            Possibly, tho that doesn't sound familiar - which doesn't mean anything!

      3. Adrian's Cafe delivers soup. They have 4 different ones daily.

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        1. re: pie

          The Happy Soup Eater is the soup delivery business we know and I was talking about in the original post.- and Adrian's has great food- soups, sandwiches etc we eat there for lunch often. So it seems soup delivery is covered...but there doesn't seem to be anything else, though I do have beer delivered once a month.