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Nov 12, 2007 12:04 PM

How to use up a lot of Kahlua...

I don't love the stuff, nor do I normally drink really sweet cocktails... but I have been gifted two large bottles! Need some different ideas beyond white russians or B52s.

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  1. Fire up the Big Lebowski and take a sip of a Caucasian every time they say "Dude"

    Should finish both bottles half way in…

    1. probably won't help much, but a shot w/ 1-Kahlua, 1-Chambord, and 1-Pastis is kind of interesting... I'm not even much into shots, but I find this one is interesting if you find a crowd that can handle Licorice/Anise flavor

      1. Do you bake? You can substitute it for vanilla in recipes. Or make a big pan of Kahlua brownies.

        1. put a couple ounces in a tupperware container, add twice as much milk, put in 1 ice cube, put the top on and shake the crap out of it. Nice foamy refreshing milk drink, probably good on your corn flakes too.

          1. Created in beautiful Douglas Alaska - Duckfarts Not a nice name but a variation on a b52 - baileys, kahlua, crown royal. B54 same thing but with amaretto. Both of thes I like shaken with ice and strained so as to cut the thickness. Smith and Kerns - kahlua, coke and cream. Coffee with kahlua and frangelico. Ok all these are sweet so I'd go with the prior post and bake with it - chocolate kahlua truffles, brownies, cake, anything chocolate. Tiramisu with kahlua soaked ladyfingers. Hmmmm...must be dessert time!

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              Hey, let's not forget Kahlua cheesecake....