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Nov 12, 2007 11:56 AM

Bakery in Tampa?

I'm looking for the very best bakery in Tampa....Specifically, the perfect gourmet cupcake. Any suggestions?

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  1. There is the Great Harvest Bread Co. I can't recall where it is in TPA, but they make some of the best breads/breakfast items ever. :) Not 100% if they do cupcakes, though. sorry.

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      I believe Great Harvest is on Armenia right across the street from Whaley's Market south of Kennedy.


    2. One of the biggest disappointments when I moved to Tampa was the dearth of bakeries for a city this size.

      That said, I like Allessi but it is never as good as all the stuff looks to me, but it's still my favorite in the city.

      My wife and mother in law like Housewife.

      I have heard of a greek bakery in Tampa that is somewhat unique but I haven't tried it.

      1. Great Harvest is closed. It was on Howard, across from Whaley's.
        The BEST cupcakes in town are at Pane Rustica on MacDill, and they are outstanding. Other good bakeries are Kalupa's (more homestyle, old-fashioned stuff like donuts) and Chocolate Pi (very upscale, French patisserie, no bread), both also on MacDill. Known for their old-fashioned cakes is Wright's Gourmet on Dale Mabry. For pie, you cannot beat Mike's Pies, just down from Pane Rustica, in the same plaza. Byblos, just off Bay to Bay, has very nice traditional Middle Eastern pastries such as baklava.
        Personally, I feel Alessi is overrated.

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          everything looks so good at Alessi and then it winds up tasting like the fridge or freezer to me

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            Americans like their desserts sweet. I don't like Alessi because it's not sweet enough....but that's how its supposed to be. I like their non-dessert items much better.

        2. While they are not in Tampa, I have two bakeries in St. Pete that I regularly partake of. The first is Cafe Mozart on 4th St. N. around 70th Ave. The baker is a german and does very well with most everything he has. The danishes, cakes, pies, breads, etc. are very well prepared.

          The second is Mazzaro's which is on 22nd Ave. N. around 29th St. N. The primary product they make well is their bread. This is an italian bakery and their bread is outstanding. They have many other goodies that they make also.


          1. I like La Segunda for some things, especially the Cuban bread. I thought gourmet cupcakes were an L.A. thing. I can't help there. Pane Rustica and Mike's Pies are evil good, but Mazzaro's "takes the cake." I wish they'd open one in Tampa.

            for more on La Segunda, I made the following video for the USF library's oral history program. there are 3 parts.