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Nov 12, 2007 11:50 AM

Peaks for Thanksgiving, plus others

Going to Palm Springs for the first time over Thanksgiving. Have a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner at Peaks. Can anyone provide feedback on prior dining experiences? Staying for 8 days, so we have plenty of time for other "chow." We love Mexican, and are looking for a great place. Nothing fancy, just authentic. I have done some searches and found many recs. Too many to narrow down however. I have also not seen much on Italian recommendations.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to stay away from anything really expensive. We like original dining experiences. Will definitely be trying Sherman’s, Matchbox, and possibly Zin's among others.

Thanks for any and all help.....JEFF

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  1. I ate at Elevations for Thanksgiving a couple years ago and its now called Peaks. I thought it was pretty good but a bit overpriced.

    For authentic Mexican, El Gallitto in Cathedral City is pretty good. Avoid El Mirasol and Las Casuelas if you want authentic.