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Nov 12, 2007 11:50 AM

Regular dinner for one on Thanksgiving

Sad, isn't it? But I work on Thanksgiving and have the traditional dinner with friends on Friday. I usually look in vain for a place to have a regular dinner where I don't feel so...conspicuously alone. Perhaps a place with counter / bar dining. Northeast L.A. area preferred (downtown, mid-city OK). Food type open, mid-priced or lower. Thanks!

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  1. Angeli Caffe is having a family style Thanksgiving dinner, $38 a person on T-Day. Come be part of a group! There are two seatings, I think, and you have to reserve ASAP!

    It is sort of more on the west side, but the food is good.

    Otherwise, perhaps a jaunt to Little Tokyo for good Sushi? I imagine some places will be open.

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    1. re: Diana

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not really looking for Thanksgiving dinner; I'll be having that on Friday. Rather, I'd like a place I can go and eat regular food. I tried Little Tokyo last year and it was a ghost town. Even spooky. There was one restaurant open, but it was empty and kind of depressing. I found the place with the most activity was Koreatown. Maybe a meal there? Any suggestions?

      1. re: hpcat

        IN Koreatown, I like O Dae San! Get the hwe dup bap. You also might think of a good bar or brewpub, like 3rd Stop, Villiage Idiot, Fathers Office (might be bareably empty!) or somewhere. But I don't know if they are open.

        Have you thought of maybe somewhere in San Gabriel?

      1. I think most Chinese places in SGV would serve a "regular dinner" on T-day.

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          Worth a try...thanks for the suggestion.

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            I second the idea for SGV Chinese food. Atmosphere in these places tends to focus on food, so you might not feel as conspicuous on Thanksgiving. I'd stay away from the big seafood houses, those might be packed with families.
            Japanese food or noodle houses in SGV also good. You can find plenty by searching on this board. Don't know if it's open that night, but Shin Sen Gumi in San Gabriel has counter seating where you can eat your bowl of ramen.

          2. The original comment has been removed