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Nov 12, 2007 11:50 AM

Germany - Baden Baden's Best, Brenner's Park Restaurant?

I'm a Cook from Charlottesville, VA that has just accepted an internship at the Park Restaurant in Brenner's Hotel and Spa starting in February. I've read that Baden Baden is known well for its food, but haven't been able to find much online about specific restaurants. Has anyone eaten at the Park Restaurant or any other Brenner's Restaurant? What are your favorite restaurants in Baden Baden and even the surrounding area?

Thanks everyone,

Clark Kennedy-Paesler

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  1. I realize your original post is over 5 years old but you asked the exact question we have as we are planning to visit Baden Baden, stay at Brenner's Hotel & Spa and are seeking advice about the restaurants in the area.

    Now that I assume you've worked in Baden Baden / Park Restaurant - do you have any advice for us?

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      in case Clark's not out there any more, just to say Brenner's is gorgeous and I believe (but haven't eaten there recently) that the food is hugely improved (used to be a bit frumpy), think they even have a Michelin star nowadays. We love Schloss Neuweier just outside of Baden-Baden up in the hills (easy taxi ride), mod. Med. food from biker-chef Armin Rottele, light/bright conservatory-style resto at food of vineyards, good winelist. If you're going a bit further south into the vineyards (highly recommended), Ritter's in Durbach is good, as is the Rebstock (also Durbach). The bistro up at Schloss Staufenberg is fun, real local Badisch cooking with wines from the Schloss and the adorable Baden Wine Princess waits tables. Also another Rebstock (means vine - which figures, there's not much else round here) in Waldulm, and the Engel in totally, OTT Black Forest village of Sasbachwalden. These places are ca. 40 mins south of B-B. Have fun :-)