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Nov 12, 2007 11:41 AM

Moxie needs help

So the menu and reviews about Moxie seemed encouraging. The food did not disappoint. However, the service did. The host and hostess were incredibly accomodating, which was a nice surprise. But the wait staff was weak. We didn't even know what the evening's specials were until we left the place and saw them on the sandwich board outside. The wait staff was friendly but almost non-existant, despite the place being relatively quiet. Our wine orders during the meal never met with the food they were suppose to be enjoyed with.

The food did shine from start to finish. We were hoping for Wescott Bay mussels and oysters. The mussels were Penn Cove (good but not in the same league as Wescott Bay and Prince Edward Isl.). The oysters were Wescott Bay--perfect flavor and perfectly served. The steak was cooked as requested and the pommes frites were a nice match (although the salt was heavy for a side dish but would've been fine as a stand alone appetizer). We also had the other seafood main plates and found those nicely done as well. The desserts were the items most promptly served. Interesting. We opted out of hot drinks since we were concerned that they'd show up as chilled instead.

Unfortunately, our wonderful food experience at Moxie was dampened by the mediocre service. Bummer.

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  1. Mediocre service seems to slowly becoming the new Seattle service standard. I've been to so many fine restaurants in town where the service and food qualities are opposite. It seems to be quite a problem. I've had lovely food and poor (though often times well intentioned!) service at Monsoon, Sitka & Spruce, Osteria la Spiga just recently. Good service is hard to come by. I think a few great servers should start a consulting business training floor staff as the new vogue of chef run restaurants seems to be making things worse!

    1. Interesting because our first time there a few weeks ago was great. The food, as you say, was terrific. (The dish with the kim chee was to do die for and I am not a kim chee fan!) I actually thought that our waitress seemed almost more like a Parisian wait-staff in that she seemed so professional, like it might be a career as opposed to just a filler job. I do have to say that I didn't completely understand who was doing what. I mean, I think we had at least three if not four different people delivering various pieces of the meal to our table. But I've experienced this at other restaurants and while it mystifies me, it doesn't necessarily mean bad service. Anyway, we walked away feeling very pleased that we'd found a stand-out lower Queen Anne option. Maybe one more try?