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Nov 12, 2007 11:32 AM

Columbia, MO ISO of old pizza joint...

I am trying to recall the name of a Pizza place I used to love in the 1976/77 time frame. I would visit some friends who lived in McReynolds Hall I believe it was and the place was I believe adjacent to the parking lot.
I keep thinking it was called the "Green Onion", or something with green or something related to Irish. I remember distinctly, that they would make the dough to overhang the lip of the pizza tray, and then fold it back over the ingredients which made a very tasty edge.
Can anyone help me remember?


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  1. It sounds like it's no longer in existence, because I'm sitting within shouting distance from McReynolds (which hasn't been a dorm for ages) and there is no pizza place adjacent to it. I think someone who's been in town longer than I have told me there was, years ago, a pizza place near McReynolds.

    The closest pizza place to campus would be Shakepeare's Pizza at the corner of 9th and Elm (basically, on the other side of Peace Park from McReynolds.

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      Yes, I am sure it is no longer in existence. Just trying to remember the name. Not actually looking for a Pizza at the moment.
      How is Shakespeare's?


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        I love Shakespeare's. It's my favorite pizza in town and some of my favorite overall. Unfortunately, I almost never get to go there because it's always crowded.

        It does have its detractors, though, and in the last year or so, I've noticed a difference in quality. But even with that it's still far and away better than most of the other pizza in town.

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          Do you think it is worth the drive from St. Louis? Are you familiar with St. Louis (pizza) at all?


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            By St. Louis pizza, I'm guessing you mean the thin crust Imo's style? I've had it a couple of times.

            If you're itching to come to Columbia for a day, it should definitely be a stop. If you're looking for the world's greatest pizza and want to make a special trip for it, then I would say it's worth a try. At the very least, it would be an adventure.

            If you do come, I recommend ordering your own pie. If you go to Shake's at lunch time, they do slices, which are really big and cheap, but they don't taste as good as their regular pizza to me. I'm guessing that they have to get it out so fast that they don't keep it in the oven as long so the flavors don't have as long to mix.

            Another word to the wise, they can be extremely busy on football or basketball game days, or when there's a youth sports tournament in town (which can be hard to predict). I've even been there on random week nights when there are no tables and an hour wait for pizza. So if you want to try the pizza, and you're coming in on a weekend, I recommend going at kind of an off hour, like 4 p.m., before there's a big dinner rush.
            There have been a lot of times when we've tried to go there and had to turn around and leave.

            The Riverfront Times thinks it's worth a trip...

            1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

              I may be biased, as I grew up on Shakespear's pizza, but after living throughout the US and traveling much of Europe on a frequent basis, I still think Shakespear's is the best pizza you can come by. It must be experienced for the first time in the restaurant... between the dishcloth napkins and college students throwing dough to little kids, it's a unique Columbia experience.

      2. It was the GREEN PEPPER! And it was one of my very favorite places to go. Long long gone, I'm afraid. I went there for a birthday once and it was soooo good. First place I ever had dessert pizza, as I recall, and that was fabulous too.

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          Yes it was indeed the Green Pepper. And one person told me it is now SHiloh and I just found this out on the web-
          <Kay -
          The new ‘Berg is in the same location as the one that burned down, but the J-School is in new digs. Didn’t do the ‘Berg’s notoriously warm beer. We spent time at Harpo’s and the Fieldhouse, plus Shiloh, a joint that was known as the Green Pepper when I was there. Booche’s had a line hanging out the door, so I didn’t bother to partake of a good dripping greasy cheeseburger. Nice place, Columbia ...


          Has anyone been to Shiloh's?


          1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

            I had never heard of it! 'Course, I no longer go to school there, nor do I live in Columbia. Thanks for the lead. I wonder if the pizza's the same? Tastes and times do change, you know.

            1. re: k_d

              Shiloh doesn't serve pizza-it is more of a sports bar these days. Very average in my opinion and the service is pretty lacking. I think its days are numbered anyway. It occupies prime downtown space and the city is on a tear to make downtown more beautiful. I have a feeling that Shiloh ultimately will not fit into that plan.


        2. Does anybody remember Dairy Dans which was across the street from the Green Pepper? The pinball machines there ruled!