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Nov 12, 2007 10:47 AM

The Apple Pan - It's a Tourist Trap

After Living in L.A. all my life, I finally tried The Apple Pan for the first (and last) time. Their burger for $6.75 is almost "exactly" of the same quality as In-N-Out's for $1.65. The only real difference was that The Apple Pan's had 2 to 3 times the Iceberg lettuce as filler! (*)

On a cost-per-value basis, there are 100's (1,000's ?) or better L.A. Burgers out there.



(*) Who knows, In-N-Out may give you all that extra lettuce for free.

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  1. i get it meat cheese and bun - thats it and its fantastic. Its a rip off but thats LA for ya. Pie N Burger and Apple Pan love there iceberg lettuce, I sure as hell dont. As far as In N Out goes, its cheaper, but the meat is dry as hell.

    1. The burgers and apple pie are meh, but goddman it, Apple Pan has the best banana cream pie I've ever had.

      1. Apple Pan and Pie and Burger are the two most overrated burgers in the L.A. area. Plus they are very expensive for what you get.. I never understood why they are so popular but then to each their own. I love Tito's Tacos but there's plenty of people who say those are overrated also (except the price is much more reasonable so you don't feel so ripped off).

        1. It makes no sense to call TAP a tourist trap since it has a huge local following that is both zealous in its devotion to the burgers, and who have been consuming them here on a regular basis for 20 + years.

          1. The burger patties at Apple Pan are considerably larger than In-n-Out, and the meat itself is far superior. It is expensive for a burger, but a tourist trap it isn't, considering that most AP patrons have probably been there dozens if not hundreds of times before.