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Decent Bar in Jackson Heights?

Are there any decent bars in Jackson Heights? Nothing necessarily fancy - just a good place to grab a beer and watch a game? If not, will someone please open one? I promise to go often

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  1. Nope, and I'd go, too.

    A place with some good drafts, good pub food, and a nice atmosphere (in JH, yeah, I know I can go to Woodside!) would be great.

    Someone posted on here once about opening a bistro in JH. Where are you, you tease?

    1. Texas Ranger at 71-04 35th Ave , Penny Inn 3707 73rd St & NOVO which has 1/2 price drinks during the week from 4 - 7PM located at 37th Ave & 79th St. Another place in the 80's is Cavalier on 37th Ave & 85th St.

      78-23 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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        Ive been to them all, and those are the only choices, but Novo and Cavalier don't even have good beer in bottles let alone draft. Penny is ok, but food is not an option. Texas Ranger has a couple of good beers, but I just don't like the food there. I do like a place on 30th Avenue - a pub, but I can't remember the name. It's just a long haul for me to get there.

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          During the summer, I had many bottled beers at NOVO's and they do have a large selection displayed above the bar. msshields did NOT mention food and should try both Texas Ranger & Penny Inn for a beer.

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            I'm new to JH and have been dying for a neighborhood bar. I tried a couple on Roosevelt but the mirrored walls and blaring music aren't what I'm looking for. A few beers on tap, simple eats and the Mets game are all I'm looking for. I'm trying out Texas Ranger/Legends Bar and Grill tonight and will keep my fingers crossed.

      2. I'll have to check out Penny Inn - I have noticed that place before - wasn't sure if they had food. I checked out Texas Ranger a while back and didn't love the food but I'll check it out again. How are the bars on Roosevelt ave? I've noticed Scorpion and Cafe 75 but haven't ventured in....

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          In your original message you didn't mention food. I assumed you were strictly interested in an interesting bar with beer and watching a game. If it's also food that interests you then consider the many bars in Woodside that have both good food (like Donovan's), beer & TV. I know someone who frequents Donovan's after leaving his office in LIC & when he leaves takes Car Service to his home in Jackson Heights.

          57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

        2. Texas Ranger is your best bet in Jackson Heights for a beer and a ballgame. Orzabelle is probably referring to Cassidy's Ale House which is actually on the corner of 31st Ave and 75th St, a couple blocks above Northern. You might find Ready Penny appealing, they at least have TVs, unlike Novo. I suppose it's possible Novo might have 10 different bottles, but they're mostly the typical Bud/Heineken/Corona etc and I recall settling for a Sam Adams there. Not that you shouldn't go there, just don't expect any ball games or a wide selection of draft beer.

          Scorpion, Cafe 75, La Jungla and any other bar on Roosevelt are going to be heavily Spanish speaking crowds that are going to be more interested in soccer from Latin America, not that it would be impossible to see a football game. These places are basically going to have a couple of provocatively dressed bartenders and a 99% male clientele.

          Saints & Sinners in Woodside is a little bit closer than Donovan's, it's a good bar that has a few TVs. But a plate of 7 wings there is $9 and they don't even give you any celery or carrot sticks! Not sure if the rest of the food is so overpriced, I'd usually just be in there for drinks.

          Saints & Sinners
          59-21 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

          Ready Penny Inn
          37-07 73rd St, Queens, NY 11372

          Cassidy's Ale House
          75-02 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11370

          La Jungla
          78-13 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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          1. re: JacksonH

            I'm going to second Legends/Texas Ranger. In fact I'm even going to go back on record and say that their BBQ is pretty damn good (again). I had been knocking Legends ever since the Pearson's people pulled out of the kitchen there, but apparently something's been going on behind the scenes because the pulled pork there was the best I've had in a long while from their kitchens.

            It's also just a homey friendly place, which I've always like about it.

            1. re: NYEpicuriosity

              they don't have food or the mets game, but i think it's the best around: la terraza bar and cafe


              40-19 Gleane St, Queens, NY 11373

              1. re: joekarten

                they don't have drafts, though.

                Man, I'm a broken record. I like that place, though.

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                  what's the place you like on 30th ave?

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                    Cassidy's? Maybe it's not on 30th, though.

            2. re: JacksonH

              I love Scorpion bar, but the description is spot on; provocatively dressed bartenders and a 99% male clientele.

              I would add you can watch baseball and football, not only soccer. Both the 99% males and the provocatively dressed bartenders are very nice.

              Here is some photos from the bar

              69-08 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

            3. I've been wishin' for a beer-nerd type place ever since I moved here. A place with about 20 mostly local, rotating taps would give me great joy and I think would generate some profit since there really isn't any other places close enough to stumble home from. With JH getting it's first espresso joint, and French Patisserre opening today, I'd hazard a guess that the brew pub can't be too far off. Message to Waterfront Ale House: We don't have any waterfront here either.

              1. i walked into Penny the other day, and they now allow outside food... so all the kebab/ pizza places work

                1. this is the most recent thread that get's into Texas Rangers BBQ in Jackson Heights. I went out there last week since we were looking for a place that might be Rangers friendly for when they eliminated the Yankees. As a bar it didn't seem like anything special, but I actually thought (as a former Texan) the BBQ was pretty legit.

                  I realize a lot of New Yorkers don't care for Texas-style BBQ, and their brisket was nothing to write home about, but we split their sampler platter between two and were surprised how good it was. The beef rib we had was above average even for Texas. Very un-Texasy, they had good spicy BBQ sauce on the side too.

                  The service was strange to say the least, but we enjoyed one of the pit guys trying to talk baseball with us in Spanish. I wouldn't make a special trip out there for it, but I thought it was pretty good if you're in the neighborhood.

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                  1. re: Mr Porkchop

                    I paid a visit to Legends for the Ranger's barbecue last month, and most of what we ordered was terribly dry and flavorless. The brisket, pre-sauced pulled meats, and pulled pork were all really tough for me to get behind (especially the brisket, which was DOA).

                    That said, we had phenomenal pork ribs (perfectly rendered fat, fantastic rub), a nice smoked Kielbasa (tough it could use a bit more kick), and a decent beef short rib (Hill Country and Blue Smoke, for whatever flaws they have, both consistently put out a much juicier and more flavorful beef rib). The Pilsner Urquell tap was great, too.

                    You're right to call out the "Texas BBQ" red herring, because this is basically a continental barbecue joint - drawing from multiple regional styles but using the "Texas" angle in its name for branding. Was "Texas BBQ" in the name when Pearson and co. ran the joint? Wish I could have tried it during the supposed glory days in LIC.

                    Legends Sports Bar
                    71-04 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

                    1. re: theeatenpath

                      I don't think I oversold this place in my review, but then I think this response sells this place short. But then I've read enough of your stuff on Serious Eats to know that you come at BBQ with a particular angle that I take with a grain of salt... salt rub?

                      1. re: Mr Porkchop

                        I don't think you oversold at all; I agree with your take and was adding my own, since I just recently paid a visit and intend on returning. I do tend to be harder on pork preparations, for what it's worth. And I am interested in knowing what kind of salt rub should be applied to my angle :)

                  2. Tell you what: let's trade. We'll get you a nice local sports pub to open up in JH if you get us some decent ethnic food in Park Slope. We're in need of authentic, reasonably priced Indian, Korean, Afghan, Malaysian and Thai food here. A good noodle shop too. What we have in the way of international cuisine here is pathetic - but there are lots of very good burger and beer joints. Surely we can work something out?

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                      i'll trade you Nusara for toby's. or wait, what about that cool place that's like half indoors, half outdoors. the hallway into it is outdoors. yaeh ill take that. throw in some girls too.

                      Nusara Thai Kitchen
                      82-80 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373