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Nov 12, 2007 10:17 AM

Good X-mas Gift Restaurant near Cocoa?

My girlfriend and I (who are from Boston) are looking for a good restaurant near her father in Cocoa, to get him and his family down there a gift certificate for Christmas. Anyone from the area have some good recommendations? Anywhere within an hour of Cocoa would be great. Even better if they have a website, so we can see if the menu will be good for them (they have some picky eaters and younger kids).

Thanks in advance

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  1. To get the holiday season rolling, let me suggest..

    In Cocoa, there's Cafe Margaux ( http://www.margaux.com/ ) & right next door (owned by the same folks as Margaux) there's Ulysses' Prime Steakhouse ( http://www.ulyssesprimesteakhouse.com/ ).

    In downtown Melbourne, take a look at Continental Flambe ( http://www.continentalflambe.com/ ).

    Over on the Beachside, can also recommend Silvestro's ( http://www.silvestros.com/ ) & Scott's on 5th ( http://www.scottsonfifth.com/ ).