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Nov 12, 2007 10:16 AM

Food-related Ornaments?

I'm in the process of buying xmas tree ornaments, and came across a set of "gingerbread" ornaments at Target. It's a set of small ornaments shaped like gingerbread boys, girls, cookies, and other shapes. It got me thinking, how cute (and totally obsessive and weird to my non foodie friends...) would it be to have a food-related xmas tree?

That said, does anyone know of where I could find some food-related ornaments? I know Hallmark has a few Pillsbury Dough Boys and things, but I was wondering if anyone has come across anything else, like miniature pies, chef's hats, whisks, etc?


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  1. I have lots of apples in various iterations and, my personal favorite, a s'more snowman.

    1. In yesterday's flyer from Sears, they had power tool ornaments so I bet with a little searching you could find food related ones. I would try Crate & Barrel, Williams & Sonoma and any other local kitchen specialty shops for ready made ornaments. If you can't find any or you are just crafty, you could try the dollar store or Target and make your own out of kitchen utensils and food containers. You could also try using food magnets, little girl's tea set, dollhouse kitchen stuff, wrapped candies or fake fruit. Don't forget about a popcorn and cranberry garland.

      1. We're kindred spirits! I did an all-food tree one year. I've bought my ornaments over the years, mostly at fancy little boutiques and yuppie gift shops. But many are widely available in department and chain stores. Not to mention places like Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma.

        I really like glass ornaments in the shape of food (bananas, garlic, peas-in-the-pod, peppers, grapes, etc.) Take a look at for possibilities - they even have a "food and beverages" category under Ornaments!

        And I've found fun ornaments at fancy cooking stores - mini whisks, mini spatulas, tiny cooking utensils, and even a tiny plastic martini. Check the online catalogs of cooking stores. (OMG, I just saw a glass hamburger at Sur La Table - I really, really need this!)

        I also love Murano glass candies - like the ones shown at - but they're hard to find. I found mine at various artist studios. I think there are knock-off Chinese versions that are cheaper and easier to find - check at chain craft-and-ornament stores like Michael's or Jo-Ann or Ben Franklin.

        Another idea is to make some ornaments - like dried orange slices strung on ribbon, cinnamon-applesauce "cookies" with glitter, the classic popcorn-cranberry garland, and stained-glass cookies. One year, I went crazy with a glue gun and a bunch of herbs and spices: bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, and star anise. This year, I'm thinking of covering wine corks in glitter and beads for a wine-cork garland. I already have a martini ornament, and some grapes, so I might even go for a booze theme for my tree this year!


        1. Not sure if this is in the vein of what you are looking for, but every year family friends made their ornaments from a gingerbread-like dough. They rolled thick "cookies" cut them out, baked and then frosted them. They made holes in the top of the "ornaments" and strung ribbon through them in order to hang them. Apparently they were inedible but they looked cute and you never had to worry about them breaking, cause you could just bake more.

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            Was it cinnamon-applesauce dough? It looks like gingerbread, and it's technically edible, but you wouldn't want to eat it. (Tho it's safe around small children.) Here's a sample recipe:


            [Edited to add] There are other versions that add glue - usually white glue - that aren't edible but are easier to work with.



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              I have no idea where to find the recipe now, but years (I mean decades) ago, my sister and I made gingerbread man ornaments from a different edible-but-you-wouldn't-want-to dough. They baked up lighter tan than the usual gingerbread cookies, had a glossy finish, and were decorated with bits of dough rolled into eyes, mouths etc. They lasted for years, I wouldn't want to swear there's not still one or two of 'em knocking around somewhere.

          2. I have seen kichen gadget ornaments at Menards Home Improvement stores. They usually set up themed trees and have one for cooks. Also has this type of item but you have to have a business to order from them.