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Nov 12, 2007 09:54 AM

Great wedding catering from Chichen Itza

I have to sing the praises of Chichen Itza. My husband and I just had a wedding
party for about 180 people and Chichen Itza catered. During the evening
and even the day after, people in attendance were raving about the food.
We had a few appetizers---brazos de reina (a sort of rolled tamale with
roasted pumpkin seeds, chaya, and hard boiled eggs), their divine chile rellenos that are stuffed
with tuna, and kibi. Then for dinner, the restaurant served cochinita pibil, pollo asado,
and veggie tamales--plus beans, rice, platanos. Everyone was in heaven!

I highly recommend Chichen Itza if you want memorable food at your party--for
an extremely reasonable price. It was definitely a lot less expensive than Elements or
any of the other caterers that get listed on Chowhound. Working with Gilberto Cetina
and his staff was great as well. I can't recommend it enough.

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  1. Awesome!! Do you mind letting me know your venue? :)


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    1. re: Dommy

      Not at all--we had the party at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. It was fortunately
      a not too chilly night and we sat under the stars and between the heat lamps savoring
      Gilberto Cetina's cochinita pibil!

      1. re: gonzoeats

        That's a great venue!! Thanks so much! :D


    2. I ate the location by rampart and I was blown away by the food. I need to get back there.

      1. We had them cater a much smaller office dinner, and we were generally very pleased with the food. Just a few issues -- I love their orange jicama salad, but it was full of huge orange seeds, which was kind of annoying. Also the cochinita pibil can be awfully messy, which is something to consider. I agree that for the price it's a great alternative to expensive caterers.

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          I just went to a work related luncheon at Mercado La Paloma catered by Chichen Itza and all the food was well prepared and tasty. I did not find any seeds in the orange salad…maybe I just got lucky or swallowed them whole!
          They actually have a conference room there, a bare bones room with a very long conference table, that I think (bad with #’s) fit about 40 people.

        2. Having attended gonzoeats wedding party I do concur about how fabulous the food was. The orange jicama salad (sans seeds) blew me away! As well as the cochinita pibil which was too good for words. I didn't try the pollo asado as I overdosed on chicken a couple of days before the party, but my fellow diners were raving about it too. The appetizers were great and i tried very hard to restrain myself to leave enough room for the rest of the dinner!
          Everything was great, most particularly the gorgeously handsome bride and groom, in addition to the great food, and the venue is magical for a wedding.
          Service was very professional and attentive, but also warm and friendly which added to the magical atmosphere.

          1. I'm interested in wedding catering from chichen itz. Can you tell me about their presentation and overall presence at the wedding? Do you think the presentation and visual elements compared with more established wedding caterers? .

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            1. re: savoryred

              I'm not the OP but was at her wedding. It was a buffet-style dinner service, so more casual (and more relaxing!) than a regular, more conservative wedding dinner. The waiters/buspersons were impeccable, the table setting beautiful and elegant. I couldn't tell you how it compares to more traditional/more established wedding caterers because I haven't been to a full traditional American wedding in over 10 years, but my impression was: elegant table settings (round tables of 10), great, great food, professional attitude of the waitstaff.