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Nov 12, 2007 09:41 AM

STL - The Crossing

We went to the Crossing the other night for dinner. We were happy to be able to get a reservation less than 24 hours ahead, at a convenient time. I hadn't been here in a few years but heard they made some changes to the menu and wanted to investigate. I am SOO glad we did.

The atmosphere has the same vibe, with different chairs and wall color - very inviting and comfortable. We started with that killer hot blue cheese in a ramekin. We had to order another one. I silently thanked myself for cutting out the recipe last time it ran in Sauce. I had the beet salad - scrumptious as always. My main course was a white fish with a beurreblanc sauce and truffle oil? Perfect combination. My dad, who is a light eater, ordered the pasta with a cream sauce. It was very small, just right for a first course, kinda like what you might find in Italy. There was fair warning that it would be small. Of course, then he ate my fish too! We had a great wine, plenty of selection there. We also had the warm chocolate torte - very good. Espresso was perfect. They were pushing the fact that they had a black truffle stash for grating (at a price), but it was very seasonal and fun.

Our server, Augustus, was extremely courteous and somehow made the evening even better. Valet parking is available and overall, the price wasn't too heinous. I can't imagine it will be so easy to get a reservation in the future, as the Crossing is better than ever.

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