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Nov 12, 2007 09:33 AM

Something Savory, Arlington???

Anyone been here? I heard John Levins was the Owner/ Chef?

If thats the case I know it is fabulous, But still I am not sure. Anyone out there that has been, PLEASE let me know if it is any good.

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  1. We ate lunch there on Friday. One steak tips: a lot of meat for lunch but slightly overdone from the requested medium (!); sides of potatoes and veggies were excellent. One fish sandwich: nice pan-fried fish with thin salty crust, hanging over both sides of the bun; perfectly cooked and still moist; mediocre squishy white bun; tasty "special sauce", but not nearly enough of it; overall combination of fish+breading+bun+not enough sauce was too dry. Side of ruffles (or whatever) potato chips. Fantastic home-made ginger beer, spicy and sweet with just a little fizz. Total for two for lunch was about $25, so not a super value. I'd go back again if in the neighborhood, but I'd not go out of my way for lunch.

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      Really? That is too bad, Price seems high too. Was it all natural or organic? someone told me it was... Also did you ask for more sauce for the fish? Was is sit down or order and sit? I appreciate your feed back.

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        It was sit down but very informal. There was one waitress/cashier for the whole dining room (say a dozen tables) and it was pretty busy Friday at 1:30 or so; we had to wait a while for her to take our orders, and we paid at the counter. They were also doing a pretty brisk takeout business, and the same waitress was on the phone a lot. I didn't ask for more sauce; I rarely ask for modifications or send something back unless the dish is truly bad, which this wasn't. We were also in a bit of a hurry as I was playing hooky from work (aka taking a long lunch hour). Natural/organic I have no idea, but they don't say anything about it on their website or menu so I'd assume not.

        Something Savory
        1312 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

    2. It's overpriced for what it is. Levins is indeed the co-owner and chef. Food ranges from excellent (seared scallops with pink/green peppercorn sauce) to fairly good Caribbean stuff (jerk pork, plantains, conch chowder) to blah (obligatory salmon, "rasta pasta" which is a total abomination of broken cheese and squash and mushy pasta). Worth a 10-minute walk if you're hungry.

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        I actually use to frequent there a lot, and the food I got was always bursting with flavor, interesting and delicious. I was quiet impressed with the service (the manager a young woman, I don't think she is there anymore)and Jodi (one of the owners), the other staff was untrained and inconsistent. I also didn't like the plastic plates and flat wear. I think they have changed this and have revamped the whole place. Overall great place. remember I was going there a lot when it first opened and that is when it is the worst time to go.

      2. I ate lunch there last week; it's probably about the 8th or 9th time I have eaten there. They have upgraded since first opening: there is now waitress service (always pleasant although sometimes a bit overwhelmed), china plates, real flatware, a restroom and a beer and wine license, as well as more tables and no coolers/fridges in the dining room.

        The food is pretty consistently good to very good. The only miss I have ever had was a take-out caesar salad with steak that gave new meaning to the term pedestrian -- but what was I thinking ordering that anyway? Stick to their seafood and Carribean-inspired stuff, that's their strength.

        Last week I had their roasted chicken (another strong point) with fabulous herby mashed potatoes and spicy gravy and their veggie medley which is always strangely delicious even though I think I don't like half the veggies in it. $7.95 for a hefty lunch portion, somewhat chagrined to report that not a crumb was left. My friend had a roasted veggie wrap which she LOVED for I think the same price (she only ate half, it was huge and SHE has self-control).

        So in my experience good to very good food at slightly high prices and pleasant enough atmosphere and a 5 minute walk from my house. I would say that the prices are what deter me from going more often. (Don't know anything about organic or otherwise.)

        1. I really enjoy eating at SS when I make a visit to Penzey's spices in Arlington. Last time tried the very spicy conch chowder, but I think I like the seafood stew better. It's not cheap, but I tend to avoid bargain basement seafood.

          They have a website that's pretty complete -->

          1. I think it's very good, somewhat pricey, haven't been in a while. But if you have fond memories of the mind-alteringly spicy food at some of his previous joints--well, you're in Arlington now. Jalapenos is about as strong as gets.