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Nov 12, 2007 09:20 AM

North End for NYE?

I know it's early to be planning this, but my boyfriend's parents (who are coming from out of the country) are already bugging me to plan something. I actually usually eat in for New Years, so I don't know where to go. Any suggestions? I'm thinking the North End because I know his parents love Italian. I've never been but I was thinking Prezza or Tresca? Any other suggestions? Are most places pre-fixe?

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  1. If I'm not doing the entertaining, we go to Prezza (bonus is you can see the fireworks over the Harbor from the front sidewalk at midnight). One of the primary reasons we love it on NYE, though, is because they don't do a prix-fixe menu. They offer their regular menu, but with some NYE specials (last year they included a Kobe rib-eye, and fresh tagliatelle with white truffles).

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      Rubee, that sounds great. Me and the (small) crew have been trying to start thinking of lower-key possibilities for NYE. Is there a "cover" or anything at Prezza?


      1. re: rosie17

        No - no cover. Just the usual great menu, festive atmosphere, and friendly service!

        Last year's NYE:

        Any memorable NYE meals to report?

      1. re: Kate Sylvester

        I wish that restaurants did not do prix fixe menus on New Years Eve. It always feels so institutionalized to me and it's never as good. Who let's you order whatever you want?

        1. re: hoplover

          For what its worth, two NYE's ago my wife and I ate at the Federalist and had the full menu (and lengthy wineslist!) available to us

          1. re: pierce

            Unfortunately, the Fed is no more - replaced by Mooo...