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Nov 12, 2007 09:09 AM

Healthy food delivery/restaurants in DC

I'm looking for food delivery services and restaurants that cater to people with high blood pressure (so the food would need to be very low in salt) and diabetes. Any suggestions?

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  1. You might check out Rock Creek they have a very healthy menu which concentrates on cooking without a lot of butter and etc.

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      Except that their menu doesn't give sodium content -- I haven't found them to be very responsive when I've asked about low salt choices.

    2. I was thinking about it and you might want to go somewhere that actually posts their nutrition information. This kind of limits you to chains though. I think PF Changs does a pretty good breakdown of nutrition on their website and they have some better choices and some really horrible things. I am sure other places do it too. Perhaps ethiopian because it is so vegetable centered? It might be a good choice.

      1. The best luck we have had as far as low salt is concerned are places where you can get plain grilled fish and a baked potato -- also Italian restaurants that cook to order usually get things right. But wherever you go, make sure the wait staff realizes that cheese and croutons have salt - you would be surprised.