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Nov 12, 2007 09:03 AM

Take out Thanksgiving in the Tri-Cities

Does anyone know of any restaurants or stores offering pre-made Thanksgiving meals for take out, anywhere in the Tri-Cities? I know a lot of places in Seattle do this, but I haven't had any luck finding something in Eastern WA.

My family will be traveling there from Seattle as we do every year, but my Grandma, who usually insists on doing most of the cooking, is sick and won't be able to do it. We're looking to find a low-stress way to continue the traditional meal for 25+ people at her house.

Ten years or so ago, when a similar thing happened, the Red Lion in Pasco offered this service, but they're not doing it anymore. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Most Safeways do take out dinners for Thanksgiving. I know it's not amazing gourmet food, but it would be a good last resort to still get the family together for a meal.