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Nov 12, 2007 08:56 AM

Jones Soda dumps Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas and Hanukkah (ham and latkes sodas)

Christmas: Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree, Egg Nog and Christmas Ham

Hanukkah: Jelly Doughnut, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins and Latkes sodas.

Fear not if you need Thanksgiving fear factor ... uh, fun ... food. Country Cow Creamery will mail you a turkey and gravy cheesecake with green bean cookies.

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  1. Can't believe they didn't have Eid or a Diwali sodas. 2 billion person market there, a tad bigger than the Chanukah market. But they (the brains behind Jones) were also idiotic enough to leave Canada, so there ya go.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Putting aside the fact that Jones probably doesn't sell to most of the countries where most of the people who might buy Eid or Diwali sodas actually live, and the possible ethnic bias behind comments implying that it is somehow not a smart business decision to feature a product aimed at a Jewish "market," if that's the right thing to call it, I cannot imagine how latke soda would taste. Or ham soda, for that matter.

          1. re: Nicole

            I'm not personally too excited about Christmas Tree either.

            For a work potluck one time, I brought a few bottles of Sobe, the really odd colored ones. Then, we dared people to try them. People are really spooked by those colors!

      2. What flavor, exactly, is "Christmas Tree"? I envision a cross between those minty Christmas tree shaped ice cream novelties and a pine-scented dangly air freshener so popular with cab drivers.

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        1. re: punkin712

          I was thinking maybe non-alcoholic strega? That's a pine flavored liqueur, isn't it?

          1. re: rockycat

            Ick. I am trying to think why anyone would want to drink something that tastes like a house cleaning product. And by the way, Punkin, have you actually tasted one of those air fresheners?

            1. re: Shayna Madel

              So far everyone is talking about the flavors, but I can't find anyone who has actually tried them. Someone guessed that Christmas tree might taste like gin.

              Jones is being coy about these flavors. Usually they give a description. It was probably inspired by someone's pet chewing on the tree given the picture on the lablel.

              Someone else guessed the ham might taste like carbonated pork broth ... eeewww.

              The also will sell four packs of three additional flavors
              Gingerbread Man Soda
              Candy Cane Soda
              Christmas Cocoa Soda

              I'm not up for it. The two licorice Halloween sodas were icky. One was orange and one was black. Neither tasted remotely like licorice. The orange one tasted like bubble gum. Candy corn was ok. It didn't taste like that, but butterscotch ... which is a nice soda flavor.

              So I wait to read about someone else trying the holiday flavors so I can get a virtual taste.

        2. In Seattle's Qwest Field they sell sodas with a sporty feel. A sampling of flavors: Perspiration, Dirt, Sports Cream and Natural Field Turf! Yum.

          Whoever guys this gack is a dope.