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Nov 12, 2007 08:47 AM

Chester County/West Chester dining

Looking for a place for dinner with friends that will allow us to sit and chat in non-rushed atmosphere. Entree's in mid-teens to low 20.00's. BYO preferred but not essential. Open to most cuisines, prefer some fish choices. Thanks.

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  1. Gilmore's. Your table is yours for the night if you make the 8:30 pm reservation.

    1. Gilmore's is good if you can get a reservation. Avalon is also nice and I've never felt rushed there.

      1. You should have no trouble getting into Gilmore's on a week night. If it is for a weekend, go to opentable and reserve right away.

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        1. re: JanR

          We had dinner at Gilmore's on a weeknight and had no problem getting a reservation. They also have a 3 course prix fixe on weeknights... I'm pretty sure it was $35 which is a great value for the level of food and service that you get.

        2. You could try the High Street Caffe. BYO wine only.

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            What's the name of the place that Bryan Sikora (ex Django) is at? I've heard really good things about it and it IS in Chester County right? Who can help me on this one? Buehler?

            1. re: Schpsychman

              Is it Talula's Table (sp?)? If so, it's in Kennett Square. I've never been, but I keep reading amazing things about this place. Most recently, the weekend chef's table was written about... can't recall where I read it, but it was highly praised.

              1. re: cjc519

                Yup....Talula's (not sure on SP either). Have heard great reviews, I think that last one was in Philly Mag.

                1. re: cjc519

                  That was probably Craig LaBan's review in the Inquirer you're thinking about. Talula's Table is more of a gourmet take-out than sit-down restaurant. There's only one table, new reservations won't be taken until 2008, and even then you'll have to wait until summer of 2008 for their earliest availability..