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Nov 12, 2007 08:46 AM

Solo diner before concert at Time Square

Looking to find a $15-20 entree price range restaurant with quick but nice service before giong out to a concert at Time Square. Me, early 30s coming from Wall Street area. Please help!

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  1. Just recommended St. Andrews on 44th between B'way & 6th to my husband for a pre-concert dinner with a crowd of 4 guys about the same age. They thought it was a perfect precursor to the concert they went to, so maybe it will fit the bill for you, too.

    St. Andrews has a nicer sit-down dinner menu, but you could definitely hit your price range with the pub menu. They have a great atmosphere and great bar, too!

    Have fun!

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      Thanks for the ONLY reply :) I think I am going to venture out to Insieme this time instead for a quick bite. I was told that it is not as busy because of broadway on strike.