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Nov 12, 2007 08:45 AM

Thinking of going to Keen's and have 2 questions

1. I'm usually not one to feel ashamed when eating by myself, but I'll be in NYC for training and was wondering if I can pull this off at Keen's. I noticed that they have a pub, which I'm wondering would be more conducive to a single patron, although it doesn't have the same menu.

2. Which steak should I get? I've been reading that the mutton chop is a must have, but to be honest, I've never had that type of cut. I'm a big rib eye fan, but didn't see that on the menu.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You might well be more comfortable in the Pub. And yes, it is a different menu. For instance, you can get a burger in the pub but not in the main dining room. And most of the steaks are, I think, available only in the dining room. No, no rib eye. But the prime rib may be the best in the city. I'm a big fan of the porterhouse for two, but if I were a single I'd go for the t-bone. But then, I always prefer my meat with a bone. I just think it's tastier that way. The mutton chop is only a "must-have" if that really interests you. The lamb chops are winners also.

    1. you have to get the porterhouse...usually its for two but i think they can do it for one.

      the pub is great but it does get crowded with actual drinkers at times. ive found that the weekends are less crowded than weekdays.

      call ahead...theyre very accomodating.

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        Is it even worth going then If I'm just going for the pub-version of their menu or is there another steak place that may be better suited. I'm just looking for a really good steak while I'm up there.

        1. re: sbouldin

          If you are okay in general with dining alone then go to Keens, do the regular dining room. Why deny yourself the full affect?

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            Agreed! Do the regular dining room, gotta try the mutton chop. The Prime Rib is also fabulous. And a huge selection of single malt scotches too. What more do you need? Oh, can you tell this is one of my all-time favorite places to eat?

      2. Based on my experience it seems like there are always alot of people dining solo in NYC. I am often one of them. It's not like the suburbs, you have a lot of singles and business travellers here. I'm with spiritchaser, go for the dining room and enjoy!

        1. As the others have said, there's no shame in dining alone in the dining room. Though if you do end up at the pub, the barbecued lamb sandwich is superb. I don't believe it's on the dining room menu. They also have one of the best Scotch menus in the city.

          1. Actually, the dining room's menu is available in the Pub Room. However, you should not feel you need to avoid the main dining room just because you are solo. If that's where you prefer to sit, then go for it!

            If you're not sure about the sizable mutton chop -- which, btw, is actually lamb, not mutton -- you might want to consider the lamb chops. A favorite of mine and some of the best I've had anywhere. And the filet mignon is not too shabby either. Let me also suggest my favorite dessert: the coffee cantata. I'm drooling just typing the words! lol

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            1. re: RGR

              OK, lets get this straight. Lamb is a young sheep. Mutton is an old sheep. There's a name for a medium-aged sheep but the name escapes me.

              Lamb is traditionally very tender, as the fat, muscles and connective tissue are not given a chance to grow. Mutton is gamier as the fat, muscles and tendons have been given a chance to grow. However, whatever you lose is texture you gain in taste, due to the growth of enzymes that give meat its particulat taste. Mutton is far tastier than lamb, though I wouldnt say that at a sophisticated party, but it is actually scientifically true.

              It amazes me how many people go to Keen's and pass on the Mutton. Its a dish that is AMAZING, and you can get barely anywhere else. Its a massive dish, so bring your appetit, and bring your rested muscles as a lot of work goesd into eating this meice of meat. A lot of cutting and manuevering involved.

              The standards such as filet, strip, etc are good there, but you can get the same quality at literally more than a hundered NY steakhouses. Get the Mutton and end it.

              1. re: mrnas

                Salad ain't got nuttin' on this mutton!

                Love keens.

                1. re: mrnas

                  I don't think RGR is unaware of the difference between mutton and lamb. The issue is that although Keen's has never changed the name of the dish they were so famous for, they admittedly are no longer able to buy quality mutton and so serve a saddle of lamb that they call mutton. Frank Bruni of the NYTimes tracked down the story a couple of years ago when he reviewed the restaurant. See the details here: