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Nov 12, 2007 08:27 AM

where to buy thanksgiving dinner?

Hey everyone. Where's a good place to buy thanksgiving dinner? (I know its kind of a sin not to cook, but I have a small family and none of us can cook well) I've had the dinners from Vons and Honeybaked already, so I'd like to try something new. I was brainstorming maybe Marie Callendar's or Whole Foods. Any comments or suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. A few years ago when I was living in TO, I once had the entire meal catered by Whole Foods. Don't remember the pricing, but boy did it save me the headache. I've since become the type that likes to brine the turkey himself, to which I still go to WF, pre-ordering getting a small-ish one a few weeks in advance.

    Joans on Third has a whole holiday menu decked out.

    1. Gelson's is my current fave. Good food, a reasonable price great service.