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Nov 12, 2007 08:17 AM

Le Boujolais Nouveau is coming...

I'm a big fan of good hearty bistro cooking and I find that the annual arrival of Le Boujolais Nouveau is a good match. Officialy it will be available as of one minute past midnight on Thursday 11/15...sounds like the release of another Harry Potter book, doesn't it? Anyway, where would you recommend lately for good French fare in greater Westchester?

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  1. One of the places I like to visit during the Boujolais Nouveau season is Encore Bistro in Larchmont. Has anyone been lately...Any other suggestions?

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      Apparently all comments on the wine itself have been evaporated but for French food in the area I like Le Provencal in Mamaroneck much better than Encore. I don't know for sure that they are serving Beaujolais Nouveau but would think they are.

      For higher end, more formal/classical Frenc dining - La Panatiere in Rye.

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        The original post about "Le Boujolais Nouveau" is on the Wine board.

    2. Need more good restaurant venues that will be serving the new Boujolais in Westchester area. Will be visiting Le Provencal and Encore...anyone know?

      1. Does anyone have any other good recs for French bistros in Westchester? I only know of Red Hat besides Le Provencal and Encore.

        1. Why does anyone want to drink this swill? Let it sit for 6 months when it becomes drinkable!