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Nov 12, 2007 08:16 AM

Ñ at 33 Crosby Street

This restaurant called simply "Ñ" (pronounced: enye) is on 33 Crosby. A google search has it listed on many NYC top tapas restaurant lists. However they do not have a website, are not listed on menupages, and were recently removed from Zagats, no pictures are anywhere to be found on the internet.

My gf and I love tapas. And I have heard this is a very cute, intimate, romantic spot through word-of-mouth. I am planning on taking her to Ñ for her birthday tonight. Anyone out there have any reviews, insight, or suggestions on this place?

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  1. I was there about a year ago. The food is ok, nothing great. It's more of a wine & sherry place; the food seemed like an afterthought. And it's extremely intimate - when it gets crowded you'll be elbowed in the back constantly.

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      Thanks for the response, is it a romantic spot for a birthday date?

      Would you compare it in terms of food and/or ambience to La Paella in the East Village?

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        It's dark and you have to sit close together and I remember the music being pretty good, which is romantic. But there are a lot of people crunched in around you, which is not. If you're looking for a private place to gaze at one another, keep looking.

        La Paella and Mercat are the only two tapas places I can think of that give you a little breathing room. I've only been to Mercat, and I think the food there is much better than at N, but it's loud.

    2. I went for birthday drinks (mine), and had a great time. The booths on the side are cozy and intimate; drinks are strong. Try to go on a Wednesday night, when they have flamenco dancers.

      1. N, just stumbled across that place Saturday evening. Been years but still looks the same. Very slim and candlelit place. Great place for a cozy date but wow can it get slammed. Food is less than good, the wines are pretty good but the place is a excellent pick for a not too late drink with your date.

        1. I used to love Ñ back in the days . My first time there was great, the food was tasty and the bartenders were extremely sweet. It's a good place for a date, until it starts getting crowded. The place is pretty small so you'll be stepping on toes. They changed their menus and it's been downhill from there. If it ain't broke...

          1. ñ is kind of romantic, it's dimly lit and cozy with groovy music and sexy bar atmosphere. the other way of looking at that is small crowded and dark. it's true the tapas are not so impressive. pretty average. but it does have good energy. other tapas places to check out are: pintxos, small, basque, not as bar like as ñ not overly crowded (spring st west); tapeo 29, bar atmosphere, yummy tapas, corner location, with lots of windows (LES); 1492, delicious tapas, big place, but cozy vibe (LES)

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              I love this place...the peope are so friendly...Wed is flamenco night and it's the best is decent very small's very intimate...try it!