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Nov 12, 2007 08:01 AM

The best of Omaha

I am heading to Omaha this weekend and am looking for the best the city has to offer. Please suggest anything you find interesting, from hole in the walls to fine dining.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That's kind of a broad there something specific you like or want to eat while you're here?

    That said, here's my two cents on local places:

    * Jams @ 78th and Dodge. ( Nice, well prepared selection of American food.

    * Riveras ( for Mexican if you're out west. If you're downtown and have a car, drive down 24th street to south Omaha -- lots of independently owned Mexican places there.

    * Dixie Quicks at 19th and Leavenworth has an excellent brunch and dinners. It's BYOB.

    * La Buvette in the Old Market is a wine bar/bistro with great entrees, soups and imported cheeses. Wines are sold at retail (it's also a store) with a nominal corking fee.

    * Darios Brasserie in Dundee ( is a European bistro with excellent pomme frites and mussels. No liquor, but plenty of wine and imported beers.

    * Steak...uh, probably my house. Everyone who comes here wants a great steak and there is much debate about whose is the best. Johnny's on L st, Gorat's, the Drover and Anthony's come up fairly regularly in conversation and are fairly representative of old school steakhouses. There are also chains like Sullivans, Johnny's Italian and Fleming's.

    Lastly, a food blogger has a list of local restaurants with links to many of their menus:

    1. 2 more I forgot:

      V Mertz in the Old Market ( for fine dining and the Flatiron Cafe, which is downtown, are also solid.