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Nov 12, 2007 07:58 AM

To convection or not to convection, that is the question.

I'm having my new double wall ovens installed next Monday. They are KitchenAid and I love them, but my supplier wants to know if I want convection or not. I can't decide. I haven't used a convection oven in years and I don't recall if it is worth it. I'd love to get some input.

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  1. Yes, get it, convection is worth it. And, you can always turn it off...

    1. I just bought a KitchenAid stove with convection oven and love it. I use it to bake chicken at a fraction of the time it takes to bake it conventionally. For cakes, I use the regular oven setting so there is an option to use it or not. Convection seems to not only cook faster, but keeps the juices intact and also saves energy.

      1. If you buy plain, you can never convect. If you buy convect, you can always use it without.

        I say keep your options open. Plus, if you make pizza, convention is the way to go, since a home oven doesn't get as hot as a pizza oven, anyway.

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          I completely agree with ChefBoy. When you want to use it its great, but sometimes you dont want to use it!
          There are bread recipes that call for using it during the last bit of baking to get that crisp crust.

        2. No other answer but getthe convection. you will learn numerous tricks over the years to turn the knob.


          1. We upgraded a few years ago and were planning to move in a few years so I didn't spring for the convection. It's probably one thing I regret the most, even if I'd only gotten a few years out of it.