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Nov 12, 2007 07:57 AM

Spokane Foods

I have a friend from Spokane who I would like to surprise with a "care package" of food items that are unique and/or intrinsic to the Spokane area. Any suggestions? What foods "say Spokane" that might travel well. Thanks.

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  1. If you plan to include wine~ A bottle from Townshend Cellars is a must, and their T3 would be my first recommendation. Food items are a bit tougher. I am anxious to read what others think.

    1. Care package sounds like you need foods that can travel well by mail. So my recommendation of a Zip's "Belly Buster" hamburger, tub of fries and fry sauce are probably right out. As would be a slice of David's pizza.

      You have to include something from Spokandy (just for the name alone). The Nut Factory has been around for a long time & sells packages of nut mixes and candies. It's not strictly Spokane but Cougar Gold cheese made at Washington State University is sold by the tin so it travels well. Also not strictly Spokane but well known in that part of the country is food with huckleberries in it (jams, syrups, candies).