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Nov 12, 2007 07:48 AM

Steak Tartare in Edmonton?

I have a hankering for good steak tartare.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves this treat? I am looking for the coarsely chopped bright red version, spiced hopefully to order.

By the "chopped bright red version" I mean to differentiate it from the very finely ground, dark brown and highly flavoured version one might get at for example, the Bistro Praha or perhaps Continental Treat.

I am thinking of something like one might get at the bisto-styled restaurants in Montreal like L'Express on Saint Denis or Alexandre's downtown.

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  1. I'd suspect that due to liability issues not too many places serve it anymore. Last time I had it was about 1985 at the Ranchmens' Club in Calgary, they brought it to the table as a hunk of raw filet, chopped it tableside and added spices. I didn't know then what I know now, so I never wondered about the possible e-coli lurking on the exterior of the meat. I never got sick, and I expect 9999 out of 10000 don't either, but I haven't noticed it on menus recently.

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      I think it has less to do with liability issues and more to do with local tastes; it's probably just not a popular menu item around here, and so it's harder to find. Things are a little different in Toronto, Montréal and Québec.

    2. Well, I can't speak to L'Express or Alexandre's (not having been there) but Cafe Select has steak tartare on the menu. I haven't been there in a few years, but when MrCris and I frequented the place, he spoke highly of it. It was indeed chopped and bright red and spiced. I quick glance at their online menu shows it still there: "Traditional, highly seasoned raw beef tenderloin, chopped fine, with toasted rye".
      I've heard complaints about the service, but I must say I love the menu there. I look forward to returning the next time MrCris wants to take me out on a date.

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        Both spots in Montreal were outstanding MrsCris.

        Thank you for the recommendation of Cafe Select. That is a spot which has fallen off my "dining out radar" for no particular reason.

        The original spot downtown on 106th Street used to be a favourite especially when Brian Vickstrom was the chef. Their rack of lamb was outstanding but I have not been in over a decade I suspect.

        I was never a fan of when it was in Commerce Court [before Chance now Luxe] and have been to their southside location [where Turtle Creek Cafe used to be I think].

      2. Good luck finding it Bob Mac. The only place I've seen beef tartare in any form out here is at Bistro Praha.

        1. The Moose Factory has it, don't remember color or texture, but it was spiced nicely
          4810 Calgary Tr.
          Edmonton, AB

          1. Hi there,
            I get my regular fix of steak tartare at Accent European Lounge 82ave and 104th. I've never tried tartare at Bistro Praha or Continental Treat so I cannot compare, but whenever I order it from Accent, its a medium ground, red patty with spices and minced onions.There are 2 sizes you can order and it comes with garlic and fried bread.

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              If you had the steak tartar at Accent Lounge, then you had the steak tartar at Bistro Praha ( the chef from Bistro works at Accent Lounge and the recipe is the same). I personally love their steak tartar.

              I have had Character's Steak Tartar and I would recommend it. I used to work there and alot of regular customers would ask Shonn to make it for them as a special request. Glad to see he put it back on the menu.

              I have had the Steak Tartar at Cafe Select too. I find their food kind of hit-and-miss. Hope this is helpful.