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Nov 12, 2007 07:41 AM

I just tried Oscar Meyer turkey bacon and ....

it's actually not bad!!! I expected it to be a lot worse but can actually say I will buy it every now and then but only for myself. If anyone stays over and I make breakfast I would be real bacon but for me the turkey bacon is quite good. Anyone else like it? Richie

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  1. We only eat Turkey bacon at home, its easy clean up. I much more prefer real bacon, but for the lower fat content its pretty good.

    1. Oscar Meyer isn't bad at all. It actually cooks better in the microwave, while real bacon needs the stovetop. And as mentioned above, much easier to clean up!

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      1. re: mojoeater

        It may just be a prejudice of mine, but to me, poultry is poultry and pork is pork. That's why I won't buy sausages, bologna, etc., that list chicken or turkey as one of their ingredients - in fact, I stopped buying a favourite brand of sausage when I noticed chicken as a new ingredient.

        Incidentally, I make very good (real) bacon in the microwave. I put it on a plate, with a layer of paper towel under and over it to catch the grease. For well done, I cook it on high for as many minutes as there are slices, plus one.

        1. re: ekammin

          Turkey is to bacon as Velveeta is to cheese.

          Nuff' said.

          1. re: bkhuna

            Now I want a grilled velveeta & turkey bacon sandwich. Thanks.

          2. re: ekammin

            i use the microwave bacon cooker (sloped ridged pan with fat "gully"). it lets bacon crisp up in its own fat, so it is similar to stove-top skillet cooking. i do cover with a paper towel, to prevent splattering. i also cook bacon in a skillet just as often.

        2. i have tried it and its not to bad, but i prefer the real bacon tastes better

          1. I actually went to a REAL Butcher, and had some of their thick sliced bacon.Wow!!! I will never buy bacon out out of package anymore, it's like a different world. I don't know about Turkey bacon, as for the little I do eat bacon I really want the real thing.

            1. When my husband had bypass surgery, we switched to turkey bacon. We have learned to like it very well. We prefer the Butterball brand, however. It cooks on one paper towel in the micro. On the rare occasions when I cook real bacon, I make a pad of newspaper, lay a paper towel over, and cook the bacon in the micro. The newspaper under the towel absorbs the grease and the bacon cooks nice and straight.