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Nov 12, 2007 07:29 AM

sorry if this question has been asked to death.

There are a group of 5 girls going to NY at the beginning of May next year, and we are looking for a good restaurant to go to. We like to have one big night out when we are there (serious shoppers from Ireland) I guess most of us would be looking for something glamorous, a la SaTC. I know this time, we plan to start the night in the SoHo Grand, for a few cocktails.
Last time we went to Tao, and for us it was great. I guess cuisine wise, either Asian/fusion or American (steakhouse type stuff).
We are staying beside Bloomies. We are not stuck on staying around that area, if anyone has any recommendations for around Bleeker St that would be great too.

Thanks so much and I hope I've give you enough info.

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  1. There are some haters on this board, but if you like Tao, you should try Spice Market. I have always had good, interesting, food there in an amazing (if contrived) space. For a steak house, go to Keens, which is the opposite of contrived: a NYC original w/ amazing steak.

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      I'd do Buddakan over Spice Market. Definately Keen's.

    2. For the very cosmopolitan, New York City vibe I always recommend db Bistro Moderne. I guess you might like Spice Market down in the MPD.

      1. For Tao like experience (but better food and more "up-to-date" vibe, Buddikan is probably the place. The decor is outstanding, food pretty good & an incredible "scene" that I'd imagine is a good part of what makes a special night in NY (not to mention ending up in the meat packing district where after dinner fun is steps away). While Keens is one of the best "traditional" NY steak houses, I find Wolfgang's in Tribeca to have better food & is a great (if not less "old NY") room

        1. kittichai could be good for you. good thai, glam atmosphere, great cocktails