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Nov 12, 2007 07:24 AM

"Yorktown Bistro" -- who knows about it?

At George Mason Drive and Lee Highway, in the same strip mall as the Caribbean Grill, a new place is coming in to replace the latin/salvadoran/whocanrecall place. The sign is out: "Yorktown Bistro." Somehow, the name struck me as odd, but I guess it isn't so odd considering our French allies in the Battle of Yorktown!

Does anyone have any information on this new restaurant?

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  1. It's only about 1/2 mile from Yorktown High School. Maybe that's where the name comes from. Or maybe they were both named for the same place if that area of Arlington was called "Yorktown" before the school was built.

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    1. re: MikeR

      yes, it is the neighborhood name. i hope it is a good bistro!

      1. re: alkapal

        in a drive-by, it looks nicely decorated, with a bar and trendy hanging lamps over the bar. darkish walls....
        website google space says they offer "modern american cuisine in a neighborhood setting that is both delicous, reasonably priced and innovative. ..."

        check out the "in progress" website:

        from that site:
        "We know that at times you are in the mood for a cheese pizza or a classic cheeseburger and we know that at times you will be in the mood to try something different....Perhaps our Potato Crushed Salmon dinner sauteed with lobster basil sauce or our cheeseless Mediterranean pizza, prepared with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, fresh tomatoes and black olives seasoned with a olive oil vinegreate [sic] sauce and perfectly cooked to leave you wondering why pizza ever had cheese in the first place. Whatever your mood, we strive to provide both likings in a friendly and warm environment."

        their "menu" links and the rest are not finished. hope they do a spell-check!!!!

        They give contact info as 703-532-6060 for more information.

        1. re: alkapal

          The website now includes a menu, but no prices. An eclectic somewhat interesting yet at the same time ordinary mix of options. The website also says the restaurant will open on December 15. Should be interesting to try, and since I live within walking distance, I'm really hoping it's a nice dining option.

          1. re: cabster

            I actually just found out they are "soft-open" right now so I'm heading out.
            Appearently that means open to the area but they arnt announcing it until the 15th so if anyone wants a preview its open 11am-11pm now until the 15th. I'll try to remember to post my thoughts.

            1. re: depaz

              They had an open sign lit Saturday night, didn't stop by and it looked quiet. I wish them all the best and will stop by soon. Just had a Chicken Tikka Masala with parathas from the Biryani place next door, excellent! Rich, spicy, big chunks of chicken, great parathas too.

    2. I cannot wait for the grandopening, ever since I left blacksburg no place has quite made the right bbq and buffalo chicken pizza, and this place is just down the street.

      1. went there monday night. cavernous empty space, no licence to serve booze yet (a month away) nervous staff, overbearing managers, salty sauce made from what tasted like a maggi mix on a reasonably cooked steak. fine piece of salmon with an actually fresh vegetable medley. unless it improves it's not worth going back, vero (up the steeet) is annoyingly pretentious with too much muddling on the plate but a far more professional and comfortable place. perhaps they should have waited until they go the licence and over a glass or two of wine i would have been less critical.

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        1. re: irenieberg

          I second your experience, menu looked like they printed it a few minutes before, waitstaff outnumbered the patrons by a sizeable margin, manager and 3 waiters surrounded a couple at the table next to mine while the customers were ordering. My brother and I ordered the calamari to start, bland, soggy and uninspiring. He had the seafood salad, and it was bland, soggy and uninspiring as well, though the avocado was fairly good. My veal masala was ok, the sauce was a bit bland and the veal was only fair. Still no liquor license.
          The experience was not one that would cause me to go back, but I would love to hear that they improve. Until they do, the House of Biryani, Caribbean Grill and Thai Thai all will outshine this place.

          1. re: Ziv

            ziv, how much is the ctm at house of biryani? we stopped going to thai thai years ago. you recommend it? how does it compare with ghin na ree on harrison? or thai square?

            1. re: alkapal

              Well, you asked Ziv, not me, but I would give a slight edge to Ghin Na Ree over Thai Thai. (Thai Square is in a completely different league--one of the best in the metro, IMHO.)

              I alternate between the other two for inexpensive lunches (this is my neighborhood, and I like to patronize local when possible), and they're both good examples of family-run, neighborhood Thai. I think their lunch specials are about $8.00, and for that you get soup, a spring roll and a selection from about 8-10 entrees. Ghin Na Ree also includes ice tea in that price. Ghin Na Ree was closed for a while, after a truck broke out part of their kitchen wall. But it doesn't seem to have affected the food. (I haven't been to either place at night in a long time.)

              I also like House of Biryani, but, perhaps I'm thick, what do you mean by "ctm"?

              1. re: Gonzocook

                ghin na ree lunch specials are only $5.95

                1. re: alkapal

                  So are Thai Thai's. I'm factoring-in tip and tax.

                  1. re: Gonzocook

                    how are thai thai's fresh wide rice noodle dishes, like drunken noodles?

                    1. re: alkapal

                      Unfortunately, they aren't on the lunch menu. We went there for lunch yesterday, and realized that their lunch menu is more limited than Ghin Na Rhee's. GNR has a variety of soups; TT's is nearly always Tom Yum Guy (which I like, mind you). TT has about six lunch specials; GNR about 11 (actually maybe 15 or more, because some give you choice of meat).

                      But I guess we're getting afield of the subject restaurant, Yorktown Bistro, which I have yet to try. Maybe next week. I do love my ethnic places there, though.

              2. re: alkapal

                Alkapal, I agree with Gonzo about Ghin na Ree vs. Thai Thai, both have great owners, but the food is slightly better at Ghin na Ree, and Thai Square is a couple steps beyond both. Thai Square is simply phenomenal.
                When I go to the Biryani place for Chicken Tikka Masala, (my gf's favorite) we split one entree and get 2 parathas to go with the nan so that we can soak up every drop, it is that rich. The first half of the meal is as much Paratha as CTM, but we finish with the chicken chunks and the nan. With tax I pay $15.50 for one entree and 2 parathas.
                Very sweet girl usually takes the order, she seemed to recognize us the second time we came in and is very gracious. Either that or they record their caller id's, because we usually get it to go.

          2. My wife and went there for dinner last Friday. She had the Mahi special and loved it! I had the steak special, it was preaty good. The setting was very nice and the place felt warm and clean. This is defenitely a great addition to the nieghborhood and is WAY WAY better than any place on this strip mall. The only other place half decent is the THAI place. Unfortunately every restaurant seems empty in this long neglected strip mall. I defenitely would go back and my wife appreciated the friendly attentive service. This place has defenitely raised the bar for restaurants at this strip mall.

            1. I actually stopped by the "Bistro" last week for lunch and had a solid experience. First, I think the staff was great. It is a new place, so you expect to have a pretty attentive staff. My coworker and I split the cheese steak and the onion burger both were very good, but as a Pennsylvania native, this is easily the best cheese steak I've had in DC.
              I'll be there on the Grand opening Saturday night for sure to try the JD Filet.

              PS. I actually like the set-up inside- the colors are very warm. The bar will be pretty sweet when the liquor license comes in January.

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              1. re: iBomb

                We just went there last night and really liked it. We had the mediterranean pizza which was really good...still no liquor license but they told us they are hoping to have it now for Saturday night's Grand Opening. Would be interested to hear other good dishes....very good prices, worth a try in my opinion. Please support this new restaurant, as I think it's a really good addition to this sad looking strip mall.

                1. re: starbuckscupofjoe

                  We went to Yorktown Bistro last night (it's only a block and a half from our house so what the heck) and overall thought it was pretty good. I will admit that its proximity to our house is a significant factor. In my opinion, the place is pretty ugly--large and very little warmth from the physical surroundings--but our server was lovely, warm, and enthusiastic. My husband had the veal marsala which he deemed pretty good and I had the Tuscan chicken with pesto angel hair, which I thought was pretty good too. The bread was pretty sad but it came with some pesto and oil, which was quite good. I thought the food was a bit overpriced, not because of a lack in quality but because there were no veggies with the entrees. We will definitely go back and try some different stuff. My husband wants to try and cheese steak and I would like to try the pizza. So overall, not bad, but I wouldn't travel miles and miles to eat the food. But if you're in the neighborhood, it's not a bad option at all.

                    1. re: sam21479

                      The entrees ranged from $15-$17, with the steak entrees being $20 plus. There are also sandwiches, burgers, and salads, which are around $8-$10. The pizzas (12 inch and 14 inch) are $12-$15 (I think). Because we live nearby, we received a menu in our door and the prices listed on that were lower than the actual prices, so that may have added to my bother about the menu prices.