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Nov 12, 2007 06:57 AM

croatian or bosnian food in dallas?

please if somebody knows if theres bosnian or croatian restaurant in dallas let me know. ive been searching 4 a while and no results what so ever.
thanx a lot

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  1. There's a place on Shoreview Rd off Ferndale in Lake Highlands called EuroMart - I believe it's Bosnian.

    1. What exactly are you searching for? There are plenty of Turkish restaurants as well as Greek. Are they not similar? Are you in search of a favorite dish?

      1. There is that adriatica town based on Dalmatian town Supetar (close to which I actually spent 8 years living as a refugee) in NE of Dallas. There might be something over there. Recently I moved to Houston and was looking for the same thing and here there are two bosnian places Cafe Pita and Balkan Grill. Let me know if you find (or allready found) anything since i'll be going to Dallas from time to time.

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          I've been to Cafe Pita but Balkan Grill is new to me. What's good there?

        2. There's supposedly something in fort worth called Balkan restaurant or something like that ... They have Cevapi and burek. Pretty decent from what I have heard. I haven't tried it yet. Plan to this weekend!! There's also a few international stores in Arlington that carry vegeta, zova fanta, and a bunch of croatian cookies.