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Nov 12, 2007 06:55 AM

Near London Coliseum: Your favorite place?

Next Saturday, mr. alka will be going to see Carmen at the London Coliseum with his brother visiting from Australia. They grew up in London during their teens, and early 20's, so pub fare (at least traditional) is not really "special".

Mr. alka likes all cuisines, esp. mediterranean, lebanese, traditional english, game, you name it. not sure that his brother is adventuresome, though. they do like great seafood. italian is okay, but we do nice italian at home -- unless you can recommend a place with great braised veal shanks. good roast lamb is also loved!

can you recommend any pre-theatre or post-theatre spots convenient to the Coliseum with great deals on great food for two men with good appetites?

also, what is your opinion of the restaurant "Rules"?

thanks, or rather, "Cheers"!

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  1. Great Queen Street (at 32 Great Queen Street) is a good bet.

    "Pub Fare" may is probably very different to when they left (assuming it was a few years ago). The UK has had a food revolution with lots of gastropubs doing great food (and some not so great) - encourage them to give them a try.