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Nov 12, 2007 05:53 AM

Creme brûlée à l'érable !!! ( Havre aux glaces !)

I've been working at the sweet and spicy peanut table at JTM for the last two weeks and when i was invited on two different occasion for dinner with the request of bringning dessert, I ran to Havre aux glaces !

For the first time , I had the crême brulés à l'érable ice ! It has a deep caramel flavors with a lot of little specks of cruchy caramel in it , with a hint of maple taste!!!! I though I had the best caramel ice creme at Berthillion in Paris , but now , I dont have to buy a plane ticket to get something much better . Since Havre aux glace opened in fact , a trip to Berthillion has become irrelevent ! ( Some might say that Berthillion has been irrelent for a long time , but that is another debate !)

Paired with the Chocolat noir ice cream...we can die and go to heaven !

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  1. Is that the same as the caramel brulé à l'érable, or is there a creme brulée flavour too?

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      You are right !!!! I am sorry if I got you exited !

      Still is very good !

      1. re: toto

        Actually, you saved me a trip, because I definitely would have gone to try a new flavour!

        That being said, caramel brulé à l'érable is still my favourite flavour. Yumyum.