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Nov 12, 2007 05:36 AM

Where to eat cheap in St John USVI?

My future husband and I will be honeymooning in St John in April of 08 and wanted some suggestions on where to eat cheap and good. We hope to do lots of beach hopping and relaxing. We are looking for little spots nothing fancy.

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  1. The bottom line: nothing on St John is cheap and $15-20 is about average for an entree at most restaurants. If you want to eat cheaply, I'd suggest either going to the Marketplace (near the Westin) where at Starfish market (which is pretty standard fare) or Dolphin Market in Cruz Bay (where the locals shop-- good selection, relatively cheaper).

    On the bright side, due to the relatively small size of the island, restaurants are in pretty strict competition with eachother, most of the food is good. Your cheapest option, Skinny Legs, is on the east side of the island and a bit of a drive but worth it for 'the islands best burger', $2 presidents and the local hangout (Little Boston). If you keep driving down there road east, there is a small shack called Ms. Vi's with local food and the island's conch fritters. You can pay her money and snorkel on her property (and it's supposedly really good). Trouble is she keeps her own hours so her availability is hit or miss.

    For fine dining, go to Le Ch√Ęteau de Bordeaux which has a tremendous view and extremely excellent food. Be prepared to pay onward $40 up for an entree, but it's well worth it. Highly suggest their Cuban style flan for dessert, it's amazing. Ask for Patricia as a server, she's great.

    Otherwise, in Cruz bay the options are pretty standard american/carribean cusine. Probably the biggest surprise was the excellent mexican food at Margaritas (again relatively expensive at about $15 for tacos). Highly suggest the conch handmade chalupas which is as the server announced on arrival of the food, "Nature's Viagra."

    As for snorkeling, check out the remote watermelon/leinster bay on the east side of the island near annaberg where the mosquitos are horrendous, and you have to hike out a bit to the beach, but there will be no one to bother you and it offers amazing snorkeling.

    If you partake in "smoking", the police have the best. We were told by locals to ask them for it if we got stopped. We didn't. Look for the rasta looking dudes with coconuts. Their shtick is they "sell coconuts" but if you ask them, they'll hook you up. Be forceful with what you want because they can rip you off and sell you dirt. Tell them directly what you want and they'll generally oblige and for cheap.


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      Thanks for your tips. We are will aware that everything in St John's is expensive but if we are going to pay big bucks we would rather eat local food. Your idea of Ms. Vi's is exactly the type of places we want to visit. If you can think of any others please let me know.

      1. re: Future Ms Lauzurique

        Vi's & Skinny Legs' are in the Coral Bay area, and another couple of my favorite not-so-expensive places in that area are the Donkey Diner (especially for breakfast), Miss Lucy's (especially sunday jazz brunch), and Island Blues.

        Cruz Bay has some really good restaurants that are higher priced, like Zozo's, Taj, 10 Tables (might be closed now), & Tapas. My experience is that the more moderate restaurants in Cruz Bay are a little bit cheaper but the food is really mediocre. I can't think of any to recommend on the low price end, although the barbeque stand over near the ferry is supposed to be good.

        1. re: Rocket88

          The barbeque stand by the ferry, which you look at and wonder how it is still standing, has AWESOME food and is very cheap- the barbequed chicken is absolutely incredible, and I can't wait to go next month and pick some up on my way to the beach!
          Zozo's is good and bad- the osso buco is fabulous, the pasta with shrimp is awful- I hate saying that, because it IS so pretty there. So go with the osso buco, even though it doesn't feel like you're in the Carribbean when you're enjoying it! It is very pricey there, though, probably our most expensive meal between there, ten tables and tapas. Hope we're going to Taj this time, that sounds great. Also the sushi/martini bar on top of the grocery store is great- sorry I've forgotten the name!

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            Just returned from 10 days on St John. I'll add Shipwreck Landing in Coral bay to my recommended inexpensive spots. Also had great takeaway sandwiches from Deli Grotto and Baked in the Sun in Cruz Bay, the edge going to the latter.

            Also made a nice dinner at Morgan's Mango by ordering 4 or 5 things from the appetizer menu.

            For higher end eats, had our 3rd and final mediocre dinner at Paradiso,
            a great meal at the upstairs bar at Zozo's (much nicer service and atmosphere than the dining room), and a typically fine tapas dinner at La Tapa. Unfortunately 10 Tables and Taj are closed now.

            Tried 2 of the 3 restaurants at Caneel Bay, but wouldn't recommend them unless you're staying there. Pricey and just OK.

            Top honors goes to Asolare, excellent food service and atmosphere. Recommend the 5:30 sunset view seating

      2. We went to St. John a few weeks ago for the first time and absolutely loved it. I would not say, though, that it was the greatest food vacation. We are vegetarians so that might have made it harder.Our favorite food night was dinner at Da Livio in Cruz Bay. It is one year old and the Italian food was great and it was not highly priced. Banana Deck had a very nice linch menu, food great, not expensive. Lime inn was okay, not great. We LOVED Miss Lucy's, food and the BEST view!!!! A must see. Goats and chickens everywhere, it is very special. We thought Zozo's was HORRIBLE and SO overpriced for what it was. We got scallops, they gate us 4 on a piece of toast for $28.00, and they were terrible. The Japanese restaurant above Starfish is called Happy Fish. It was very good and not too expensive. There is a very cute bakery above Starfish also that had great muffins, coffee, pastries and breads. The last night we were there we went to Paradiso, expensive and just okay.
        We will definatelly go back but I think I will cook more, I found that the Dolphin market had better produce that Starfish. All in all it is a great place!!!!!

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          Interesting that you thought ZoZo's was horrible. Coming from NYC (the food capital of the world) and traveling to St. John for nearly 20 years now, I would say the overall ZoZo's is my favorite restaurant on the island. We eat here usually twice during our stay. I haven't heard of them getting a new chef, so hopefully they were having a bad night. Will be going in a few weeks and I am looking forward to my meals here.

          Give it another chance if you are ever visiting again.


          1. re: jenniebnyc

            I guess it's a bit harder for us because we are vegetarian. Once in awhile we eat scallops, which is what we ate there. For about $30.00 they gave us 3 scallops on a piece of toast with a bit of I think it was cole slaw. The scallops were sort of undercooked, we had to send it back, you know how that goes. We are from RI so maybe we are used to our seafood.
            You mentioned that new Italian restaurant, we ate there and LOVED it. That was our favorite place there. We loved St. John and will certainly be back, but I will plan on cooking more dinners at the villa next time. Oh, we loved Miss Lucy's! Heard Sweet Plantains was great but far to drive for dinner (and a few painkillers!!) There was a restaurant on the water right near there that we had lunch at and loved. It is so beautiful there!!

          2. re: Alica

            Thank you for your comments- definitely well appreciated. A bit confused by your comment that the two of you are vegetarians but your recommendations included fish... I would think that you would find many options if you were pescatarians, considering it is an island. Is the fish local?

            1. re: yourwaitress

              I loved St John but I did not think the restaurants were that great there. I come from an area that has wonderful seafood. We were there years ago so I am sure things have changed. I loved the Italian restaurant and Miss Lucy's.

          3. There are plenty of cheap and good places on STJ especially if you are lookling for little not fancy spots
            These are all in Cruz Bay
            Cafe Roma- Basic italian but HUGE portions
            The Beach Bar- Great spot on the water in Cruz Bay- Try the Tuna Down Now
            Deli Grotto- Mongoose Junction- Great beach sandwiches on freshly baked bread
            La Tapa- Not super cheap, but fabulous food worth every penny-
            Inn at Tamarind Court- Every night except Saturday, there is a guest chef with a different type of cuisine. Greek night is great and so is West Indian night. Funky little courtyard dining.

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              Just back from STJ. Cafe Roma is closed-it's for sale for 150K according to the real estate rag I picked up. Of course, a place to live is another matter...

              Our favorites in STJ: Stone Terrace, Paradiso (we ate there after our wedding 15 years ago and go back every time we're there. Food was the best I had ever had there), Morgan's Mango, Fishtrap (had an awesome Lobster Pot Pie). Banana Deck had good food but we basically got rained out in the middle of dinner. Since we stayed at Gallows Point, we ate at Zozo. It was just OK, although my little neck clam app was to die for.

              There are 2 good markets in Cruz Bay-stock up on breakfast and lunch food if you can keep it where you stay and spend your $$ on dinner.

              In Coral Bay, I agree with Skinny Legs and Island Blues.

            2. There are several places for you to try. Our favorite is Uncle Joe's for fantastic
              bar b que. Huge servings and delicious. Also, try Woody's for a grilled fish sandwich and the Beach Bar for hamburgers and fries. Also, go to Deli Grotto and order a huge sandwich for the beach. Another idea is to go to Starfish (the supermarket) to stock up. Have a wonderful honeymoon. St John is one of our favorite places.

              1. In spring '07, the last time I was on St. John, the best food BY FAR I ate was at Sweet Plantains (Caribbean) and Aqua Bistro (Med/Italian), both in Coral Bay.

                The golden grits at Sweet Plantains are otherworldly. It's a small, modest semi-open-air restaurant with a bedouin-like design. The chef's won a best-in-USVI award for her food. Prince, her husband, works behind the bar.

                Little in Cruz Bay stands out for me, with the exception of Margarita Phil's for Mexican, the Grotto Cafe for small breakfast/lunch snacks, and the fruit stand for a banana/strawberry smoothie. Everything else in town ranges from only decent (Cafe Roma, Fish Trap) to utterly disappointing (Woody's, Tap Room, Morgan's Mango, The Lime Inn, Stone Terrace).