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Nov 11, 2007 11:57 PM

I need help finding a caterer

I'm getting married and I'm starting to plan my wedding reception! Instead of a sit down wedding reception, I'm opting for something less traditional. We're having a live band (hopefully a big band that can play swing, salsa, a little bit of funk .... dancing! we love dancing!), cocktails, passed and stationed heavy hors d'oeuvre. Great food and music is important to us. A summer evening wedding reception that's fun, relaxed, casual, spontaneous, adventurous, dancing, laughing, just a big party! So we're on a search for the right caterer. If you could help us out that would be great. I've been looking at a few, but I would love to hear your review. Below are a few that I've heard are good. You tell me what you think. How was the food? Are the prices reasonable? What about the services? Are they open minded but not too scary? Please add your suggestions as well. Oh...and I know this is food related... but if you know of any good bands - bring it on!

Kitchen for Exploring Food (top choice)
Good Gracious Events (second top choice)
Nourish Kitchen
Wolfgang Puck Catering
Elements Kitchen

Tell me more!

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  1. I've got very little point of reference and can't speak for any of the folks on your list, but I went to a small holiday party last year (all apps and stations, no sit-down) and the catering was so spectacular (food, service and presentation) that I grabbed their card:

    Lene and Mark

    1. My parents just threw a big birthday last month and they used a company called Savore. They actually went to a wedding that was catered by them and were totally blown away, so they decided to use them for their party. Like you, they didn't want a sit down dinner, so they had about five different stations all serving different things. They started with an israeli cous cous that was absolutely incredible, one of the best things i've had in a long time. They will work with you to incorporate your favorite things and the man who runs the operation, Richard, is wonderful. I had a great conversation with him about wine and he obviously knows a lot. Their prices aren't cheap, but I really can't stress how good they are. If food is a priority for you I would definitely check them out. Their wesbsite is

      1. I've been to a number of events catered by Auntie Em's. They have great food, do a great job and really work with you to create the event that you want. And they have a number of interesting venues that they work with. They have a website. Check them out.
        Best of luck!

        1. I'm in the midst of looking too. I think I've settled on Truly Yours. The people working there have been fab, really nice and roll with all of my nutty ideas. They do the whole shebang - all the rentals and even the dance floor - so pretty convenient too. The food is not blow-your-socks-off, but definitely edible. I really like Auntie Em's food and their staff is really cool, but I couldnt figure out how to make the money work (they are expensive).