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Nov 11, 2007 09:47 PM

Late Night Coffee Shops in San Diego

Does anyone know of any late night coffee shops in the San Diego area. Preferably something that stays open til 1 or 2am, and doesn't mind people doing work there.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I know LeStat's on Adams is open 24 hours.

    1. Rebecca's in South Park (30th and Juniper) is open 24 hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

      Free wireless.

      Yummy scones!

      1. I think BRIANS in Hillcrest is open very late. City Deli also offers late hours.

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        1. re: normalheightsfoodie

          I wouldn't drink coffee at these places even if you pay me money and I doubt that they will be happy if you do your work there.

          1. re: honkman

            great negative comments, but where is your suggestion of a place to go?

            1. re: normalheightsfoodie

              Lestat, Rebecca's, Claire de Luna. But I don't see Brians and City Deli as coffeeshops.

              1. re: honkman

                Coffee Shop is a common term for a casual diner-style restaurant. Coffeehouse is more often used for what you are talking about. That being said, I think the original poster probably had something more like the places you have listed in mind - Rebecca's, Urban Grind and Lestat's would be good choices.

        2. I am a regular at Lestat's on graveyard hours and the coffee is always fresh. They have the BEST cookies in City Heights. I think they still use (GASP!) trans fats.

          Ate at Rudford's the other night, had not been there in years. Decent, friendly service, good atmosphere.

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          1. re: Dagney

            Lestats is located in Normal Heights, not City Heights.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. I was in fact looking for a coffeehouse where I could do my work during the early morning hours. I appreciate the suggestions. Keep them coming!