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went to snola yesterday for fro yo

they were serving the most amazing pumpkin fro yo in addition to all the usual flavors.
the spices they used in the mix were FRESH--it was unlike any other fro yo i've ever had.

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  1. they FINALLY have pumpkin???

    crap, i can't believe i was in BH today and decided not to stop at sno:la because it was so chilly & rainy.

    thanks so much for posting - i've been waiting for that flavor for a month! gotta try it tomorrow.

    1. did pumpkin replace fig/date, or do they still have that too?

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      1. re: wutzizname

        they were serving the fig/date in addition to the pumpkin.
        the other flavors i remember were:
        chocolate, sour cherry, italien tart

        there may have been more, but i can't remember them

        1. re: westsidegal

          they typically have mango & pomegrantae as well. i assume the pumpkin replaced one of those.

          1. re: rramir16

            sno la
            244 north beverly drive (just north of wilshire)

          2. Tried Sno:LA. Didn't like it.

            For chocolate and pumpkin flavors Bliss is better. For creaminess and different flavors Golden Spoon's better (although some of their flavor tasted a tad 'artificial').

            I like the concept of the usage of wooden spoon, but it really tasted awful!

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              i can't speak to bliss, as i've never tried it. i don't believe they have any locations in the greater l.a. area [if i'm not mistaken, the closest one is in tustin]. if they ever open one here, i'll gladly check it out & compare the two for myself.

              however, comparing sno:la to golden spoon is like comparing a fresh madagascar vanilla bean to a bottle of "imitation vanilla flavoring." sno:la is an all-natural product made with organic ingredients and doesn't contain any refined sugar/sweeteners. golden spoon, on the other hand, contains artificial colors & flavors, sugar, and corn syrup. i've had golden spoon - when i lived in san diego there was one right up the street from me. i know it's a matter of personal preference, but to me, every flavor i had there [and i tried nearly every single one they offer] tasted artificial and cloyingly sweet, with a chemical aftertaste.

              i do agree with you on the wooden spoon issue at sno:la...as do many others. we had a discussion going on another thread about the problem. i believe the owners are looking for alternatives because they know no one's crazy about the taste or texture of the spoons.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                I think your viewpoint is clear from 'goodheath'gourmet handle. Mine is based on taste only, not necessarily what's healthy or more natural. I did note that some Golden Spoons flavor tasted a tad artificial. I think their chocolate malt doesn't have that chemical aftertaste, but maybe it's because my tastebuds are used to sucralose and artifical sweeteners. But then I know some people are very sensitive to artificial sweeteners and such (not me).

                I am just comparing the choices of the variety of frozen yogurt places that touted yogurt and lower calories (although how much 'yogurt' is in Pinkberry is still in debate).

                For sheer variety of flavor and smooth texture I think Golden Spoons has more to offer. Everything else from Pinkberry to Kiwiberry to Ce Fiore, Bliss and Snola doesn't have that smooth melt in your mouth custardy feel, and the best you can hope for is like 6 flavors.

                With that said I do rather go to Ce Fiore with the Stevia sweetener than Golden Spoons nowadays.

                There's a Bliss in Orange, on Tustin Ave.

              2. re: notmartha

                a 'tad' artificial is, imho, awful.
                not quite as awful as 'a lot' artificial, but still disgusting.

                sno la is definitely not creamy.
                what i love about it is that their flavors are strong, and TRUE.
                i gladly trade creaminess which is often created through the use of artificial gums which make the product have the mouth-feel of plastic (like cool whip), for the unbelievable FLAVOR of sno la.
                this is just a matter of personal preference.

              3. I stopped in snola a few weeks ago and tasted every flavor (except pumpkin--didn't have it back then). It certainly tastes fresher than any other fro yo around town but it's also icer and tangier than others. I had an Angel Symphony--chocolate and sour cherry twist layered with chocolate and sour cherry sauce, topped with hazelnut streudel. It's a very brilliant combination of sour and sweetness. I wouldn't mind stopping by again if I were in the area but I wouldn't go out of my way for it especially with the difficult parking situation.

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                  the parking situation isn't so bad...there's a free city lot on beverly, just one block north on the other side of the street.

                2. Regarding the wooden spoon issue, they have potato spoons (look like plastic)-- you just have to ask for them. They said some people complain that they have a flavor. I haven't noticed it and I much prefer them to the dry wooden spoons.

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                  1. re: roxhills

                    i would be one of those people who doesn't like the potato spoons :)

                    i think they have a funky flavor, as do the ones at whole foods that are made from corn.

                    i just use the wooden spoon and pretend i'm a kid again...enjoying an adult version of a dixie cup.

                  2. Was there last night. They have 6 flavors: chocolate, sour cherry, Italian tart, pomegranate, pumpkin pie, fig/date. I had a small chocolate with hazelnut strudel... pretty good. Their chilled water is refreshing. Additionally, you can sprinkle all the cacao powder and green tea powder you want on your froyo. They have those by the water and napkin dispensers.

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                    1. re: snooze button

                      I tried it - didn't like it & actually threw half of it away.

                      To each her own!