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Nov 11, 2007 09:06 PM

BBQ and Plate Lunch in Cajun Country

Looking for BBQ and plate lunch places in the Cajun Country (near to Breaux Bridge, but happy to drive). Pig Stand in Ville Platte was mighty fine, but other recommendations would be appreciated (dinner and lunch).

A nice cozy old style breakfast place (like Ruby's in Eunice) would be great too. Thanks

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  1. I'll probably get slammed for saying this, but I have never, ever had anything more than just passable bbq in Louisiana. It has always seemed strange that you can't get it there- all the elements are around in abundance- pigs, wood, and crazy people that love tending fires- but every time I've gotten my hopes up I've been disappointed.

    For whatever its worth, I can't seem to find decent red beans or po-boys in Memphis either...

    1. Unless the Pig Stand in Ville Platte has improved greatly in recent months, you should be able to do MUCH better than that. Head to Poche's (just north of Breaux Bridge) for meat market stuff and plate lunches. Good, stick-to-your-ribs homestyle stuff (read: not diet, not low-fat). Also head over to the Palace Cafe in downtown Opelousas for an old-fashioned, small-town cafe...basic cooking in a setting that hasn't changed in recent memory.

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          I second Poches in Breaux Bridge. Also check out the Jungle dinner club in Ville Platte.

        2. As a transplant from South Carolina and founding member of the South Carolina BBQ Association, I sadly have to concur with Clarkafella. I am yet to find any decent BBQ in La. I will check out Poche's though.

          1. i had a great plate lunch of catfish courtbouillon at dwyer's in lafayette about a month ago. i forgot what my sides were now, but i'm pretty sure i liked it all. my friend had a cabbage roll stuffed w/ meat that was really tasty. happy eating in one of my fave parts of the country; don't forget to get some boudin, or just eat that for lunch instead! btw, they also do bfast there...

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              I second on the Palace Cafe. Crawfish etouffee, followed by baklava.

              In Opelousas, consider Kelly's Country Diner on South Union, next to the Country Meat Block. Under the same ownership. I consider the Country Meat Block "my" butcher, even though I live 250 miles away.

              Also consider Henderson's Barbecue and Gator Cove on Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette. Barbecue is relatively decent by Louisiana standards, which is the best you can hope for, as others have indicated. Gator Cove is a seasonal boiled seafood operation.

              Also in Lafayette, Olde Tyme Grocery near ULL for po-boys, and Chris' Po Boys, in multiple locations

              In Livonia, try Joe's Dreyfus Store, for a high-class Cajun plate lunch or dinner.

              1. re: jamy

                So many choices, thank you to all.

                I like the onion like sauce they use although, frankly, all BBQ is fair game to me.

                Boudin is definitely on the agenda, (diet is not), and I've been looking at BoudinLink (loved Rowenas in Sunset but alas seems to be no more), as is ponce, cracklins and stuffed chickens (anything better than Hebert's?)

            2. The Best Stop, a little divey grocery store in Scott, makes fantastic smoked boudin, in addition to some other great cajun meats.

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              1. re: Burgoober

                (sincere question) What do you find "divey" about the Best Stop? It's clean, always bustling, full of people, and looks/smells/sounds exactly like many other gas station/meat market/convenience stores all around Acadiana.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Basically, the appearance from outside - the whole gas station/meat market/convenience store thing. Which doesn't bother me at all - for example, some of the best fried chicken I've ever had comes from a gas station in Arkansas - but it could certainly deter some from entering.

                  But as you said, it is clean, always bustling, always full, and, as I mentioned earlier, has some great food.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    hey celeste, the best stop is considered one of the best places for boudin right? i went there in october when i was in town and it was amazing! that w/ an abita is tops in my book. man i could go for one right now. unfortunately i didn't stop @ the place in breaux bridge (charlie's?), but it sounds like it's up there too...also, i still have to post my NOLA part of the trip which was a month go you acadians are so damn lucky

                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                      About 5 years ago I took a drive through Cajun Country (I'm from the West Coast - was visiting New Orleans) Went up to Lafayette, Eunice, "Big" Mamou. An ole Cajun man drew me a map on the back of a receipt - how to get to Best Stop because he said I had to try the Boudin. Well about 2 years later - still had the map in my wallet - I met a new hire at work who just transfered from our Lafayette office - I asked him if he'd every been here - He got all excited and recognize that the map was the location of Best Stop just off of I10 - he said he bought all his Boudin and Cracklin there. On the same trip I stopped in Delcamber - had the best Catfish plate lunch at a small store there, sorry, just can't remember the name of the store.

                      1. re: Bigshadetree

                        Oh, I think I know the place in Delcambre. It's in a gas station on Main St. and serves the best fried shrimp!