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Nov 11, 2007 07:06 PM

Cafe Buenos Aires in Huntington

Went here tonight and had a fantastic dinner. My appetizer of Veal Sweatbreads was very tender and very flavorfull. I split the Paella with my wife(Is Paella even argentinian? i thought it was from Spain), we didn't go all out and pay $6 more for the lobster meat, but it was really really good and had lots of seafood and chorizo. My waiter, i think his name was Alex was very knowledgeable and very nice.. My father in law had the NY strip with Chimichurri and he said it was very good. My mother in law had the lamb chops. I had half of one, they were very tasty and they used good size chops. I also liked how they give you chimichurri with your bread. I've never had sweatbreads before tonight, but Alex strongly suggested them after i asked him about it. Next time i think i might try the Veal tounge, or the Tripe soup, both of which are things i've never had before and he highly recommended. They also have a Tapas menu that i saw on their website but i thought u could only order it from the bar, but the people behind us had Tapas on their table when we were leaving, so i guess u can get it in the dining room too. Place was very busy for a Sunday night, we went for a early dinner and arrived before 5, by the time we left at just before 7 almost every table was full.

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  1. Been there several times; food is very good. The odd thing is they don't hand out the tapas menu automatically -- but if you ask for it, it's no problem. We had one meal with just tapas.

    1. we had tapas here tonite and previously an dinner menu. Both were unexciting compared to other restaurants these people run. The tapa was nothing compared to Ceviche in Tampa, Jaleo in DC Azafran in NYC ( before it slipped downhill) or Emilios in Chicago.
      So far as we've found, tapa hasn't made it to LI, yet.