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Nov 11, 2007 06:56 PM

Massa's Pizza Huntington Station -OVERATED

Was here on Friday night, wife and i had the Massa's salad, it was good, but it was too simple, i could have made it at home in my sleep.

Also had 18inch pie, half sausage half regular. Crust was good, nice and thin and crispy, sauce was tasteless, cheese was tasteless. The sausage seemed to be of low quality as well. I will not be going back, i do not understand why so many people like this place. Not a big fan of the new Patsy's in syosset either. The Grimaldis's in Garden City is the best of this trio of Patsy Grimaladi descendants. For my money i much rather go to Blue Moon in Rockville Centre for their brick oven than the coal oven at these 3.

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  1. Blue Moon is good, but I still like Grimaldi's quite a bit. I have to get to Eddie's in NHP to try some of those "bar pies."

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    1. re: GCGuy

      Eddies? Never heard of it. Where is it?

      Grimaldis is on a whole different leval than Massa's, its sauce and chesse has taste(good taste too). Massa's is tasteless i almost rather taste bad sauce and cheese.

      1. re: jpf1980

        In his seminal text on pizza, Ed Levine has a section on "Bar Pizza". I have attached the link, if you check the Slice website you will see the full story of "bar Pizza" and where to find it. I have been going to Eddie' for many years as my wife grew up nearby and it is fun to take the kids. Everything else on the menu is basic pizzaria fare, but the pizza and a pitcher is very enjoyable. I suggest the large pies not the small individual ones.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          I will have to get over there, is it something I would have to time to do at lunch? I work about 10-15 minutes from there and have a 1 hour lunch.

        2. re: jpf1980

          2048 Hillside Ave
          New Hyde Park, NY 11040
          (516) 354-9780

          It's only been there sixty years, go and ask about a man named hugo.

      2. Best coal oven on L.I. is Sal's in port washington. I have been there a few times lately and they are making a terrific pie when they are not to busy.

        1. I too was unimpressed w/ Massa's on my two visits. On my second visit, last December, the waitress, upon my question about whether they served wine, said yes, and it was complimentary. What a treat! Except, when we asked for a second glass of "complimentary" wine, she corrected that the "complimentary" wine was only for one glass. She didn't offer that we could even buy a second glass. How cheesy that was, I thought.

          I too have been partial to Grimaldi's since they opened and like the owners Russ & Jennifer and Dean the manager very much. Having said that, on my last few visits I've found the pie to be lacking in flavor suddenly. Not sure what's up with that. However, they do get major points for being very nice and hospitable and in my book these days, that is major.

          We tried Eddie's once and my understanding was that they use skim or part skim mozarella, which to me is just wrong. The pizza was pretty flavorless.

          I've never been to Sal's, but must get over there one of these days.

          I think Blue Moon requires my attention once again, as it had been overtaken by Grimaldi's.

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          1. re: JGS

            I don't know if I'd call it "cheesy". Maybe they don't have a license to sell alcohol. They can give it away but can't accept payment for it.

            1. re: CornflakeGirl

              i do not believe you need a license to sell beer and wine. I could be wrong, or maybe that is just a nyc law. But that is what I have heard.

              1. re: jpf1980

                You definitely need a license to sell alcoholic beverages in New York state: you can get just a beer and wine license, or all liquors. They're very hard to come by, I think there is a certain amount available and that's it. They are also very expensive to obtain (usually need a decent lawyer too) . Too much trouble and money for some places.