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May 15, 2006 05:28 PM


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Does anyone know where to find jianbing? I've eaten jianbing regularly as street food in China but can't find it in the USA. Jianbing consists of a kind of crepe/pancake topped with an egg; then a cruller; pickled vegetables & greens; hot sauce, rolled up and served. I'd also appreciate any information on the exact ingredients and for directions on how to make the pancake.

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  1. 99 ranch, Kimbo brand (generic 99 ranch brand) green onion pancakes in the open freezer section. They are the closest bing you're referring to.

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      that is so wrong, green onion pancake cong you bing is nothing like jian bing. thing of the cantonese cheung fun that has a you tiao inside. instead of a rice crepe wrapper, it's this thin wheat pancake kinda like a duck wrapper on a griddle that has beaten egg smeared on it, a sprinkle of preserved vegetables and maybe meat, a squeeze of some kind of thick sauce, and then a whole you tiao is put on top. it's rolled up and griddled some more.

      i'm thinking a shanghai, beijing (rare), or taiwanese place might have it.

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        Well there are different kinds of green onion pancake in the frozen section of 99 or Marina.

        There's a kind that's a little bit thicker that almost looks like a xiao bing with green onion in it (no sesame seeds), and there's a version that was already mentioned that is thinner and flat, which comes in either green onion pancake, or a version that is specifically for dahn bing (egg). Kimbo I believe does the latter as does another brand. The version that resembles dahn bing, either specifically dahn bing or cong you dahn bing skin, would be appropriate.

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          It is not so wrong, I know exactly what Dumpling Man is referring to as I grew up eating Jianbing.

          99 Ranch Kimbo brand use to carry dan bing in package of 10 in yellow plastic wrap. Recently they changed to green packaging and advertise the dan bing as zhong yo bing. The texture is nothing like thick green onion pancake you're referring to. It is very thin and it's the closest wrapper for making jian bing besides spring roll wrapper.

          BTW, Jiang bing is not a wheat pancake, it's made from ground millet and mung beans. It is made is very similar to crepe. The street cook actually turn the griddle to spread the batter evenly on the griddle. Springkle of green onions and slight beaten eggs on top then it is smeared with a hot bean paste.

          There are variation of jian bing, some vendor will put cilantro and hot sauce instead of green onions.


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            you said "99 ranch, Kimbo brand (generic 99 ranch brand) green onion pancakes". i am so sorry that i didn't understand that you didn't mean cong you bing. i'm so stupid. i tried to describe the egg and other but you know so much more. i grew up eating it too but you know more. sorry.

            1. re: oranges

              Just a misunderstanding--no need to apologize, we're all here to enjoy this board and discuss food. It's frustrating sometimes Asian food distributors mislabled their products.

              It's sad you can't even find good dan bing in the bay area.

            2. re: theSauce

              That sorta looks like the way they make (French) crepes at the Crepe Factory stand at the Marin Farmers Market.

        2. Try Marina Supermarket in Cupertino on a weekend where their deli section carries a wide variety of Chinese/Taiwanese breakfast items and marinated eats. They don't have exactly what you are looking for in one, but you can pretty much pool the items together from all sections of the deli and supermarket and maybe mix your own and dine on the spot.