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La Scala Restaurant Randolph

crimsonca Nov 11, 2007 06:23 PM

Hi does anyone have any info on La Scala Restaurant. Looking for a place to meet friends
visit and have a good meal.


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  1. SeaSide Tomato RE: crimsonca Nov 11, 2007 06:48 PM

    Ugh-I have never understood why this place is always packed (even before their admittedly great re-decoration a couple years back). Yes the a now-great lounge area is appealing, but their food and attitude is entirely lacking to my way of thinking. Average to poor execution and deplorable concern for customers' preferences. Ice-cold butter to speard on soft (therefore tearing), convenience-store quality scali bread to oil-slick dishes and an unwilingness to accomodate customers requests (e.g outright refusal to serve chicken marsala over pasta vs. separate pasta side). Since that last debacle, I have refused to go back. They may have changed--but I'd be surprised, especially since I talk to folks who still go there on occasion, wanting to like it, and come away shaking their heads.

    I would highly suggest driving the short distance down 28 to Cafe Bella--or go (more casual and friendly, but less great food) to LaStoria in Stoughton.

    Thanks for indulging my rant!

    1. s
      ShelT54 RE: crimsonca Nov 12, 2007 05:04 AM

      Caffe Bella is better, but La Scala is ok. It's old school. My office had a holiday dinner there and the food was fine.

      1. CocoDan RE: crimsonca Nov 12, 2007 05:44 AM

        I agree w/S.S. Tomato, I think their food and service is horrible. I don't get it!

        1. m
          MikeLowellFan RE: crimsonca Nov 12, 2007 09:46 AM

          I live in Randolph and haven't been there in quite a few years. My meal is always soaked in oil.

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