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Nov 11, 2007 06:23 PM

La Scala Restaurant Randolph

Hi does anyone have any info on La Scala Restaurant. Looking for a place to meet friends
visit and have a good meal.


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  1. Ugh-I have never understood why this place is always packed (even before their admittedly great re-decoration a couple years back). Yes the a now-great lounge area is appealing, but their food and attitude is entirely lacking to my way of thinking. Average to poor execution and deplorable concern for customers' preferences. Ice-cold butter to speard on soft (therefore tearing), convenience-store quality scali bread to oil-slick dishes and an unwilingness to accomodate customers requests (e.g outright refusal to serve chicken marsala over pasta vs. separate pasta side). Since that last debacle, I have refused to go back. They may have changed--but I'd be surprised, especially since I talk to folks who still go there on occasion, wanting to like it, and come away shaking their heads.

    I would highly suggest driving the short distance down 28 to Cafe Bella--or go (more casual and friendly, but less great food) to LaStoria in Stoughton.

    Thanks for indulging my rant!

    1. Caffe Bella is better, but La Scala is ok. It's old school. My office had a holiday dinner there and the food was fine.

      1. I agree w/S.S. Tomato, I think their food and service is horrible. I don't get it!

        1. I live in Randolph and haven't been there in quite a few years. My meal is always soaked in oil.