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Nov 11, 2007 05:55 PM

Does your Le Creuset dutch oven scorch?

When I try to brown meat in my 8.5q Le Creuset enamel dutch oven on the stovetop, the pot gets totally scorched on the bottom, and I have to turn off the heat and switch to a skillet. I assumed that one should be able to brown meat in the dutch oven prior to tossing it in the oven. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be my stove (electric, spiral)? Not enough oil (though I don't really want to put in more)? Temperature too high? Or could I actually have a defective LC dutch oven? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I have not had this problem but I have the smaller dutch oven (marked 26 i think) and use a gas stove. Maybe you have the heat up to high.

    1. My LC Dutch oven is smaller than yours (a 26 like the previous poster's) but I have an electric stove like you, and haven't had this problem. If the pan is too big for the cut of meat, that could be the problem, and of course, if the heat's too high. I usually only need medium high heat to brown a roast or cut up chicken. Sometimes I do have to brown the chicken in batches because I don't have a large pot like yours, but I've not had a problem with scorching.

      You might try contacting LC and asking about it. I've always had very good customer service from them. They replaced a pot that'd lost its interior coating years and years after I bought it, at no cost to me except shipping it to them, about $15 postage.

      1. I've had mine (smaller one) for ages anad that does sometime happen when I'm browning meat and I think I just have the pot on too high heat (gas). But mine always cleans up just fine.

        1. "...the pot gets totally scorched on the bottom..."

          What is your definition of "scorched"? You say the bottom, but are you referring to the interior or exterior? There appears to be some confusion over that claim already.

          Your using an electric stovetop, so I doubt you're scorching the exterior. So, are you saying that the bottom interior of your dutch oven develops dark brown areas of "burnt on" stuff? If yes, then that's a good thing! And no, your LC is not defective.


          1. you dont have to use the heat as high when you are cooking with cast iron. it heats itself very quickly and retains that wont come down in temperature at all. I used to use this stuff, but then i realized my all-clad (triply cookware in general...if you have a good brand) is just better for this too, it gets just as hot, and develops flavor just as well, but it actually reacts to temperature changes on the stovetop...when things start scorching you can actually bring it down in temp.