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Nov 11, 2007 05:37 PM

What size Fry pan?


First I want to say thank you to anyone who may respond to this Noob cook. I am looking to start off a great set of cookware, that I will keep for many many years to come. I am looking at the Demeyere goods. I want to buy:

1 frying pan
1 stock pot
1 saute pan
1 sauce pot

I noticed they seem to have mostly 11 in or 12.6 in frying pans. Can I get away with an 11 incher for most situations, or do I really need the bigger size? What size is best for all of the above pieces. Thanks again for your help!!!!


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  1. How many people do you cook for? If only a few, 11 is fine...

    1. Sure, an 11-inch pan should work for most situations. I'd certainly suggest two or more saucepans, though. What if you want to prepare a sauce and a separate vegetable dish at the same time?

      1. if youre not completely sold on Demeyere there are some other options out there...the All Clad LTD is on sale everywhere right now, their sets contain all that...additionally Williams sonoma actually puts together really great sets in a bunch of different sizes and brands (7 pc to 27 pc) that dont have much of those who needs this pots and pans some other sets have.

        If you are really going to buy all these at once a set is your best option they are always about 30% off the open stock prices

        1. Is the 11" the external dimension, from rim to rim? The internal diam may be around 8" Personally I would go with the larger so you won't crowd the pan with just a couple of chicken breasts or steaks.

          1. I have both 11- and 12-1/2-inch fry pans and find I use the smaller one far more often when cooking for one or two. I wouldn't be surprised if the ratio wasn't 3:1 or even 4:1 for using the smaller pan rather than the larger.