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Nov 11, 2007 05:10 PM

Offal good?

I am a Memphis-area chowhounder looking for some suggestions. I will be in town the entire week of Thanksgiving, and I need my fill of exotic foods. Can anyone suggest some places to find tripe, feet, skins, organ meats and things of a more adventuresome nature? Any ethnic genre will suffice. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Lao Szechuan in Chinatown has a page of "Chinese Specialties" that include pig ear, jellyfish, beef maw (stomach) etc. I recommend the Maw.

    If you are around on Sunday, you could take a walk down to the Maxwell St. Market (on Canal St...) and sample the Eyeball Tacos (Toacos de ojo) among other oddities.

    For something a little more refined, there are some nice french bistros around that serve traditional French Offal (Kidneys, Sweetbreads, etc) such as La Sardine.

    1. Here is a start:

      On Mondays, Tripe and sweetbreads are featured on the menu at Old Town Brasserie. Acclaimed Chef, Roland Liccioni, hopes to appeal to fellow chefs who often have Monday nights off.

      Old Town Brasserie
      209 N. Wells St.

      Tripe Florentine is a permanent menu item at Riccardo Trattoria. Think of it as tripe for people who don't like tripe. Delicious.

      Riccardo Trattoria
      2119 N. Clark St.

      Flacki, or tripe stew, is a permanent menu item at Podhalanka Polish Restaurant in Wicker Park/Uranian Village. It's great stuff.

      1549 W Division St.

      Andrzej Grill, another Polish restaurant in Wicker Park/Ukranian Village, also serves a great version of flacki (tripe stew).

      Andrzej Grill
      1022 N. Western

      And, Smak-Tak, yet another Polish restaurant (a bit further afield), does too.

      5961 N. Elston


      1. Try Asian Bistro in Arlington Heights.

        Asian Bistro
        65 W. Golf Rd.
        Arlington Heights, IL 60005
        Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00am - 9:30pm
        Friday-Saturday 11:00am - 10:30pm

        1. Spring World has a Yunnanese pork tripe with chili that was very good if you like spicy dishes. Spring World is at the east end of the mall in Chinatown at 2109 S. China Place. They also have many other interesting dishes made with odd parts and most of the dishes are quite good. The phone number is 312-326-9966.