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Nov 11, 2007 04:39 PM

Bacon Bits

I am making green bean casserole for my contribution to Thanksgiving (yeah, wouldn't have been my first choice either). I need to make bacon bits, then planning to carmelize onions in the bacon fat. For the bacon bits, am I better off frying the bacon in whole pieces and then crumbling it, or should I cut the bacon into smaller pieces and fry those? That seems easier to me, but would appreciate some feedback.

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  1. I'd cut the bacon up before frying, as you'll have better control over the size of the bits. They'll be more uniform that way.

    1. definitely cut the bacon before baking/ coking it. The bacon will cook quicker and the pieces will be a more uniform size.
      homemade GBC is the best.

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      1. re: Tourettes

        Just did this yesterday, and I must concur. Plus, cutting the bacon in advance means you can stir the pieces as they cook so they cook more evenly.

      2. Alton Brown just had a Good Eats episode on Green Bean Casserole recently . ..