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Nov 11, 2007 04:37 PM

Orlando for one week near convention center

Can anyone recommend a place close to the covention center. Will have a car and can drive. Almost all the places I've been on near international drive has ok but not great.

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  1. You have some decent options at Pointe Orlando:
    The Oceannaire
    Tommy Bahamas
    Capital Grill

    Or you're also close to the restaurants on Sand Lake Rd.

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      Seasons 52 on Sand Lake was named the "most popular restaurant in Orlando" by Orlando Magazine this year. Three visits to it in the past ten days-it is very good and worth going out of your way for. Unfortunately, it is indeed extremely popular and you should reserve. Alternatively, there are about 40 bar seats with a piano player and a dimly lit room with a supper club ambience that is first come, first served. Probably half of those at the bar will be having dinner. Arguably the cedar planked salmon is their best entree and flatbreads are excellent. Pecan pie competes for best "test tube" dessert.

      I've been to Capital Grills in a half dozen cities around the U. S. Last night at the Capital Grill on International Drive we had a truly mediocre $250 dinner for two. Overly charred strip steak, medicore house salad, good onion rings, excellent mushrooms, very good onion soup, "oscar" was disappointing. For International Drive I believe that Vito's is better than the nearby Capital Grill although Vito's is really merely just a good steak house and no better. Two nights earlier Del Frisco's on Lee road continues as the best steak house in Orlando despite the drive. Norman's is worth the three mile drive.

    2. There's an excellent authentic Japanese restaurant near the convention center: Hanamazuki, in the Goodings Plaza. The Greek food at Taverna Opa in Pointe Orlando is delicious but the place is loud. And for Thai, Thai Thani near Central Florida Parkway and I-Drive is excellent (although some posters recently have had sub-par experiences). Other than that, you have to head to Sand Lake Road, where Amura has good sushi and Japanese, Tang's has good Thai, Antonio's has good Italian.